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Filter it then swim in it.

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Q: What would you have to do if the liner in your inground pool is filled with rainwater?
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Can a small inground 14x28 steel wall pool with liner be made longer?

Yes, but it would be very expenses..

Can my inground pool liner be saved by using a piece of old liner with a bead and glue to old liner?

It's certainly worth a try. I would use Aqua Seal or Seal All. -Both available in Walmart.

How do you measure a kidney-shaped pool for a liner?

try Northwest Wholesale Pools, they have an instructional CD for $1 and it shows exactly how to measure for an inground liner. The CD would cost next to nothing to ship, totally worth it...they'll also sell you a liner, I highly recomend them. good luck

Can a inground 16x32 with stairs and diving board vinyl pool liner be converted to a tile or plaster pool and how expensive would it be compared to replacing the liner?

This would be the the excact same price as building a new concrete pool minus some excavation. you would be looking in the 30-to 40k range.

How do you install vermiculite for an above ground pool?

It would be the same as an inground pool need at least a two inch layer and let it dry 24 hours before installing the liner

Do you really need a liner if you have an inground pool and it will be VERY expensive to replace or can you just leave it torn for a year or two?

If your pool was deisigned to have a liner then yes, you have to have a liner. These would be steel walled, aluminum walled ect type pools. a new liner can be installed with help of one to two people for around $1000.00 dollars for average sized pool say 12x36 foot. With care a liner should last about 7-10 years.

Can you remove your liner from your 20 x 40 inground pool cement floor and steel walls and put outdoor tiles on the walls and keep cement floor in a freezing winter area if dogs keep ripping the liner?

Not financially sound. It would be better to keep the dogs out.

Where can you find the pieces that cover the seams where the pieces of coping are joined for an inground vinyl liner pool?

That would be a pool company.. Now there are dozens of coping styles and sizes, so take one of the old one with you..

How do you prepare rainwater to distilled water?

If you want to make distilled water from rainwater, you would perform distillation on the rainwater.

How long does it take to replace an inground pool liner?

Personally, I would have a professional change my liner. The liner needs to be stretched smooth, the water added slowly while adjusting the liner, and the temperature should be at least 60 degrees or higher. If the pool is large, it will require more than one person. It may require up to 6 people working at the same time. Pay the money and have the pros do it. They can complete it in one day. Hope this helps!

How do you rehang an inground swimming pool liner?

It would pay you to hire a pool company. They have all the right tools and knowledge. We tried many years ago and it is almost impossible to accomplish. After many hours/days/friends, we finally called in the experts. Good Luck!

What is the effect of a bushfire on a plastic rainwater tank?

An intense bushfire would severely warp a plastic rainwater tank.