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Q: How do you drain and refill the cooling system in rover metro?
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I need a 1969 Geo-metro cooling system diagram?

1969 geos must be very rare hahaha

Oldest metro system in the world?

The oldest metro system is London Underground

Where is the oil drain plug on 2000 metro?

Bottom of the engine on the oil pan.

What is the socket size for a 97 geo metro oil drain plug?

It is 17mm.

Is there a metro system in the DC area?

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In Washington DC the Metro is a light rail system.

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When do you capitalize the word metro?

It should be capitalized if you are referring to a specific metro system.

What is the Metro in Washington D.C.?

The Metro is the local shorthand name for the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority.The Metro system consists of buses, trains, and handicapped transport.In the vernacular most people use the word Metro to refer to the train system and call the buses Metro Buses.See the related link for the Metro's home page.

Can you use pex tubing in a high rise building on the heating and cooling system?

The answer is: it depends. Local codes in metro areas might restrict you from doing that, so its best to check with a building official in your area first.

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Metro System