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How do you draw bean seed?

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you just draw it!

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Is a bean a seed?

Yes, a bean is a seed. It is a seed for a bean plant. Bean is often said in place of seed. I hope this makes it easier to understand. :)

Is a bean seed a monocot or a dicot?

a bean seed is a dicot

Are beans seeds?

yes and no the bean plant is called a bean, so its a plant and not a seed the bean plant seed is also called a bean - so in this context the answer is yes it is a seed

Is a bean seedless?

A bean is a seed.

What kind of bean does not grow from a seed?

What kind of bean does not grow without a seed

What is the difference between the bean seed and the corn seed?

the difference is that the bean seed germinates by dicots and the corn seed germinates by monocots.

Are bean plants a seed or seedless plant?

Bean plants are seed producing plants

Can a neuclei of a bean be replaced with olive seed?

No you can not replace a bean nuclei with an olive seed.

Is bean sprout bean?

No, it is the plant that grows the bean. It is a plant, no a seed.

Is a bean a seedless plant seed plant or both?

A bean would be considered as a seed plant

How big is a bean seed?

Bean is normally the seed itself. Look at the Wikipedia link below.

What part of a plant is a bean?

The bean is the seed of the plant.

What kind or bean does not grow from seed?

A jelly bean?

The edible seed of certain plants?


What type of seed is the red kidney bean?

The red kidney bean is a dicot seed because it has two cotyledons (seed leaves)

How do you draw a lima bean?

you just draw it

How do you tell a bean seed has two cotyledons?

You can see the cotyledons when the bean seed grows. I think you can't tell just by looking at the seed.

What seed looks like a coffee bean?

The seed of the coffee plant looks rather exactly like a coffee bean, because it is a coffee bean.

What is the scientific name for Bean?

the scientific name for bean is "seed".

Would you say that a bean seed is a living thing?

Most of a bean is just food for the embryo, but there is a living bean embryo within the bean seed (at least, it is living until you cook it).

State the difference between what happens to a corn seed coat and to a bean seed coat at germination?

The difference is that the bean seed germinates by dicots and the corn seed germinates by monocots.

How many days does it take a bean seed to grow?

It takes a bean seed 6 to 10 days to grow.

Does a bean seed grow faster in cotton?

the black bean grows faster because the seed germanates faster

How are a peanut seed and a lima bean seed different?

The seedcoat of lima bean is hard whereas it is membranous in peanut.

Which type of seed is in the red kidney bean?

It is a dicot seed.