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How do you draw old people?

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First Draw A Face Then Wrinkles Then You Are Done But Dont Forget The Body!

Here is a link to pictures of old people which you can copy:

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What did the old stone age people do for fun?

The old stone age people had a competition of hunting,they would draw on the walls of caves or they would make simple jewelery of colored stones.

How do you draw animation of a video game?

you draw the people in the game

How do you draw cool pictures by hand?

It depends on what you are going to draw. The coolest HARD thing to draw is a unicorn or a dragon. The coolest EASY thing to draw is animals or stick people. ( to learn how to draw stick people try stickpage.

Can a child draw mother's social security even if dad is not old enough to draw?


How do you draw citizenship?

Draw 2 people holding hands on the earth

You are ten years old what should you draw?

draw a picture of your teacher and he/she might like it. :D

What is the cause and solution of a 3year old can't draw?

It is natural that a 3 year old can’t draw. They don’t have the fine motor skills yet. They do scribble pictures and will try to write. Don’t push the child to draw because he/she is NOT developmentally ready to draw.

How do you draw a old wooden boat?

by pensil

Did homo habilis draw art?

yes they did they draw people animal tools

How can you draw conservation?

draw facial expressions on the people and maybe hand jestering

What is a website where you can learn to draw people?

MONSTER has articles that'll not only teach you how to draw people but animals as well.

How do you draw people swimming?

Start at the basic stuff then draw water and only draw part of body! By,Carley Shae

What should you draw with a pencil?

You can draw anything you want with a pencil. Many people like to draw fruits, vegetables, and animals.

What picture can you draw for amendment 9?

Draw an old paper and right some notes about amendment 9

What can a Muslim draw?

Muslims are not supposed to draw pictures of people or of animals. From the lighter side; They can draw a crowd, or a bath! _________________________________________________________________ They can draw from the nature: trees, sky, grass, rivers, water falls, homes, plants,... , Quran verses, good quotes, ... They can draw people and animals as in caricatures.

What did old stone age people use to draw with?

THey probably made it out of Fruit juices, with sticks, rock, etc.

What does hello kitty attracts people?

What attracts hello kitty. I guess because some 6 year old forgot. To draw the mouth

How 2 draw a picture of pandemonium?

draw a bunch of people yelling with blasting music

What is the name for people who draw?


Where does the constitution draw its power?

From the people.

Is it possible to draw people?


How can people draw?

They can because they have that gene that makes them good at it. But if some one who can't takes their time, they could do it. and people draw with their hand

How do you draw cartoon people eyes?

Below , at the related link , is a tutorial on how to draw cartoon eyes .

What should you draw for a girl who you like for her birthdayi am not good at drawing peoPle help...?

You shouldn't draw her. But you should draw some to her favorite things. She will love it.

What is the name for people who draw maps?