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With clothes

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Q: How do you dress like a band manager or agent?
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How do you dress like a CIA agent?

Black and grey slacks. Black dress shoes. White or light blue dress shirts.

What does a roman style tunic look like?

it is white and has a band over the shoulder and then the rest looks like a dress

How do you dress like a deathcore band member?

black vans, black skinny jeans, and a tshirt. every deathcore band I've seen live wears that.

What kind of a garment is a bubble dress?

A bubble dress is a dress with a bubble hem. This means that the bottom of the dress bubbles out and flows instead of laying flat like most dresses with normal hems do. The bubble hem is actually an elastic band that gathers the excess fabric at the bottom of the dress

How do you get past the bad guys on the docks in poptropica?

first you need to go and become a B.A.D so then you click costumizer and dress like that agent then they will let you have anything at al that you need as long as you dress as the commander

Activities or functions performed by David Jost as a manager?

A "band manager" is in charge of the business side of a band. Basically the managers job is to take care of the day to day running of the band's career, so the band can focus on the creative side of things. Examples of what a manager do: We know David goes on tour with the band while other managers would sit in their office. Make sure that all royalties owed to the band were paid in full. Ensured that band members are paid on time. Book gigs, live events etc and invite media to the events. Explore funding opportunities for the band. Negotiate financial deals with the label for expenses like touring and recording Oversee other people working for the band, like accountants, agents, and merchandisers.

How do you find a band manager?

You could show your band off in local areas like parks or on the Internet. If your musics good and gets good views, there's a chance managers will look.

How did the beatles's clothes change throughout their career?

they looked like thugs so the manager suggested that they change there look like the band in France that i cant remember

How is modeling like do you get a manager agent to yourself Do you get to travel and meet celebrity's and other famous models DO YOU GET STUFF FOR FREE I've heard-?

If you get a modeling contract you would have a manager or agent to handle your contracts for you. Many models do have an opportunity to meet with famous models and celebrities. Models do get lots of free goodies.

How do Uganda people dress?

they dress like Indian people they dress like Indian people they dress like Indian people

What do Cuban dress like?

they dress like Indians.

How do you dress like Emma Ross?

dress like her

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