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How do you dress smart?

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dress smart means dress well with what you have. Look up some videos in YouTube you will get something.

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What should you dress for first interview?

smart smart shrit and trousers and smart shoes NO TRAINERS

What is smart casual dress code?

A smart casual dress code is typically an informal but neat attire. It is not as dressy as a formal dress code but it is a step up from business casual.

What is smart casual attire?

Smart casual attire would include khaki dress pants paired with a nice sweater or a blouse that buttons and includes a collar. Smart casual might include dress pants with a blazer and low heels or even a casual dress.

What is smart formal dress code means?

A smart formal dress code means neat, formal dress. For women it means a long gown. For men it means a black suit with a black bow tie.

What is the dress code at dollar tree?

smart casual!

What is the dress code in London theatres?

Smart casual

What is elegant attire?

smart dress. no jeans or trainers. ladies, dress but not above the knee. men - jackets and ties.

How do you dress up for Christmas mass?

Traditionally you'd dress in something smart and casual, as is acceptable in a place of worship.

What is the proper attire for the embassy interview for immigrant visa?

There is no dress code. Common sense says dress smart casual.

Why do people wear smart clothes?

Literally, dress to impress you idiot!

What is the dress code for a medical secretary?

Smart but casual. usually office wear

What should you wear for a semi formal dance dress?

who cares what the dress code is. be youself ,dress fun, cool, dark and mysterious .. just be yourself.i can tell your a smart person for wanting to know.

Why you must dress appropriately for interview?

so that you look smart and organised - this will help them to consider you!

How do you write smartin spanish?

smart (in dress) - elegante, de buen tono, galano/a (British English) smart (intelligent) - astuto/a, ladino/a (American English) to smart (hurt) = escocer, picar

What should a women wear for an event where the dress code is smart casual?

i would wear, jeans and a nice top with a blazer and heels to dress it up, that'd be nice:-)

Does anyone know the dress code for Creek Wood High School in Charlotte Tennessee?

The dress code for Creek Wood High School in Charlotte Tennessee is smart casual.

How do you become very smart?

you just dress up formally or in a comfortable way of making yourself feel good

What is the dress code for Andrea bocelli concert?

It would depend on what sort of concert it is but smart casual is usually the norm

How can you have more confidence?

There is no such thing like a magic stick which makes you confident instantaniously . but to be more confident keep note that... a) you dress up properly b) always remember dress smart look smart c) have a good knowledge on the subject d) learn some basic ettiquets ( believe me that helps)

What is club chic attire?

Dress shirts that aren't for the officeDark jeans\SlacksSport coatSmart accessories

Example of stereotype jobs?

Like...Doctors, Office Workers, News Reporters etc. dress smart and are really clever. === ===

How do you get a girl when you are 11?

U just act cool and smart and u need to dress up cool and design your hair

What is the difference between smart and handsome?

Smart relates to intelligence while handsome relates to how someone looks. I've heard someone being described as smart in relation to looks as well, but not very often. In this case it means well kept. If someone looks smart it is more how they dress while handsome is more how they look.

What is casual dress code?

Casual dress code means you can wear anything you wish. i.e. jeans and t-shirt, training shoes whatever you wish. It means you do not have to wear a jacket or tie or smart clothing.

Is a little black dress appropriate to wear to a formal event?

A little or short black dress is probably not appropriate for a formal occasion, something longer would be more suitable, or maybe a smart business suit