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You will need:

~ A Pokemon able to defeat a Lv. 0-255 Bird / Water type Pokemon

~A Pokemon that knows Surf

~A Golduck

~A Growlithe

~A Kangaskhan

~ Item(s) on your person that you want to duplicate

MissingNo Glitch [Do NOT catch MissingNo in Pokemon Yellow, the game WILL glitch and you WILLhave to start over again.] :

Edit: You CANNOT do the missingno. glitch or the Pokemon above Lv. 100 in Pokemon yellow because Nintendo deleted it so you can't duplicate items that way. ( But they didn't delete the Mew glitch :D )

Go to Cinnabar Island (do not defeat or catch any Pokemon on the way to Cinnabar), and enter the building of the man that makes Pokemon from fossils. In the first room, there will be a few NPCs that want to trade Pokemon. You MUST have the Pokemon needed for the trade; I recommend you save the Pokemon for these trades in order to perform the item trick a few times.

[Make sure you have the desired item to be duplicated in the 6th slot of your list] Trade with one of these people, and once finished, go outside and immediately walk to the right to the shoreline. Use Surf, and travel up and down the shoreline; half on water/half on land. Stay on the shoreline and continue to surf until you get into a battle. It will be with MissingNo, a "Pokemon" that resembles a microchip or barcode. Defeat this Pokemon, (remember that he's a Bird/ Water type, and NOT to catch him.) and open your items list. Notice that the 6th item now has a random symbol next to it instead of a number. This means that the item is [temporarily] infinite. Then, go to the PokeCenter and to your computer. Deposit x99 of that item into your computer, and repeat as many times as possible/desired. After this is done, SAVE YOUR GAME, and repeat (can be done three times all together).

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Duplicate items in pokemon?

You can't duplicate items in Pokemon. Only if you have the Action Replay or GameShark, then you can.

Can you duplicate on Pokemon Yellow?


How do you duplicate items in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't duplicate items unless you use a gameshark

How to duplicate items in Pokemon FireRed?

You Cannot.

How do you duplicate Pokemon in yellow version?

you can't

Can you duplicate items in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?


Can you duplicate items or Pokemon's in Pokemon fire red?


How do you duplicate items in pokemon soulsilver?

Don't think you can

How do you duplicate items?

you can. it's just the same as duplicating a Pokemon, but make sure your Pokemon is holding the item you want to duplicate. =)

How do you duplicate items in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

I don't think you can. You can get Max Items with an Action Replay.

How do you duplicate your items on Pokemon yellow on mobile emulator?

Either use cheat codes or use the 'Missigno glitch' to multiply your 6th item slot by 128.

How do you duplicate items and Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

you cant really do it. it just messes up your game

Can you duplicate items in Pokemon firered version?

you can but its extremely difficult and bad for your game.

Can you duplicate items in Pokemon sapphire?

if you want a Pokemon to clone and hold an item, you will just delete your profile.;)

How do you duplicate items in Pokemon Platinum?

from what i know, you can't. srry. :) but you might get lucky and find someone. from: flyguy007 Hi this is flyman1111 i think you can duplicate items in Pokemon platinum all you have to do is get a ditto and a Pokemon with thief make sure the Pokemon with thief is holding the item you want to duplicate then you get into a double battle use thief on ditto and ditto will have the item that the Pokemon with thief has =] hope it has helped and worked

How do you make more items on Pokemon Silver?

Just make one of your Pokemon hold the item and clone(duplicate) it.

How do you duplicate Pokemon and items on pearl?

This is not possible without Action Replay. There is a code that can duplicate Items and Pokemon, but if you mess up on one of the steps, then your game might either freeze or turn off. So overall, it's very risky.

Is there a way to copy items in ANY Pokemon game?

In the first series of games RED AND BLUE AND YELLOW you can find a missingno and it will duplicate your 6th item to x99 You'll need to get a certain lv of special of a Pokemon to bring forth a missingno, but keep in mind that not all missingno duplicate items and some can really screw up your game :) you should look around to see what ones people have fought

How do you duplicate Pokemon in crystal?

This can be used to duplicate Pokemon or/and Items in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. Have at least two Pokemon with you. Now deposit one of them into a box on the PC. Now change to an EMPTY box on the PC. When it says SAVING...DONT TURN OFF THE POWER, turn off the power. Now turn the game back on, and look into your party. You should have the Pokemon that you deposited into the PC with you. Now look into the PC. The Pokemon that you deposited will be ni there also. You can withdraw that Pokemon, and you have duplicated a Pokemon!To duplicate an item, duplicate a Pokemon that is holding the item you want to duplicate. This can also be used to get all of the starter. You can also duplicate 2 Pokemon at a time.

How do you duplicate your items on RuneScape?

There is no way to duplicate items. Watch out for osmeone saying they can, they will scam or hack you.

How do you duplicate rare candies without beating the four on emerald?

U cant unless u beat the 4 people and then u can duplicate Pokemon and certain items

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon platimum?

Im sorry you can't duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon platinum. You can duplicate Pokemon in diamond/Pearl or emerald the trade or migrate them to platinum though.

How do you attach items to Pokemon in yellow?

You can't That comes in Pokemon Gold Silver + Crystal

Can you get rid of valueble items in Pokemon Yellow?

I don't think you can

How do you duplicate items on RuneScape?

There is no way to duplicate items in Runescape. Although there was a bug once which did allow a person to duplicate party hats, this was quickly fixed.

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