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An in-growing toenail really needs to be dealt with by a chiropodist. I know that alot of in-grown toenails have to be removed. Make an appointment with your doctor, they may be able to give you something to help you out. Hi there, When I had a ingrown toenail, I needed surgery to remove the nail. But prior to this I did cutt the corners of the affected nail off, so the corners didn't stick in my toe and imbed itself any more. You could try this but it might do more harm than good. Alternatively see a chropodist who will look at your nail for you and fix it if necessary or advise you on whether you need surgery or not. Take care. ~T

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Q: How do you ease an in-growing toenail?
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How do you get an ingrown toenail?

The most common causes of ingrowing toenails are badly cut toenails and shoes which have been too tight.Also, if you have a history of ingrown toenails in your family then you are at an increased risk of getting an ingrown toenail yourself.

What has the author George C Wee written?

George C. Wee has written: 'Atlas of improved surgical procedures for common foot disorders: ingrown toenail and hammertoe' -- subject(s): Foot, Hammertoe, Ingrowing Nails, Surgery

How to ease ingrown toenail pains?

The best option to ease ingrown toenail pain is to go to a podiatrist and have them remove the ingrown toenail. Although you will be in more pain at first, this is a long lasting solution to completely rid of the pain you are experiencing. In the event that you ar unable or uninterested in going to see a doctor, there are some at home remedies. One of the more popular at home remedies is to soak the toe in an Epson salt mix for about thirty minutes. After the skin softens, gently full back the skin surrounding the ingrown toenail. Be sure to use an antibiotic ointment on it, and keep the area clean and covered for a few days. If you still experience pain, ice and ibuprofen will help ease the sensation.

What causes an ingrowing toenail?

i have two ingrowing toenails and i got one by cutting my nail short and the nail down the side became short and it won't stop growing into my skin and if you don't have surgery for it it makes you toe go square and swells up so much your whole foot becomes swolen and right now i can actually feel feel the nail from the side of my toe and its not nice so dont try it!!!!!

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What causes ingrowing toe nails?

Well, Simply if you've been picking your toe nails, that's because, they go out of shape, then they go like that, and get ingrowing ones.

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Will medicare pay for treatment of an ingrown toenail?

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