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put in your mouth close and chew

You may eat it cold or toasted.

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Q: How do you eat a cheese sandwich?
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Related questions

What sandwich can you eat?

You could eat a fried bologna sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise. Or a hot ham with melted cheese sandwich. Or a grilled cheese sandwich.

What happens when you eat a cheese sandwich?


What you do to cheese?

I eat my cheese. Most normal people eat it somehow, in salad, on crackers or in a sandwich.

What is the importance of cheese on a cheese sandwich?

Cheese is the main ingredient for a cheese sandwich. Without cheese, it wouldn't be a cheese sandwich.

Should you eat an egg salad sandwich or ham and cheese?

In my opinion, You should eat an egg salad sandwich. Because it is more healthier than your ham and cheese.

When do you eat cheese?

You can eat cheese any time and in many ways. Cheese can be eaten at breakfast time as part of a breakfast sandwich or casserole. Cheese can be eaten as a snack with meat and crackers or in a dip. You can eat cheese at lunch, on a sandwich, sprinkled on a salad or in chili. You can eat cheese for supper/dinner in pasta, as a topping on an entree, on bread, or on potatoes or vegetable.

What lunch food did they eat in 1906?

cheese and pickle sandwich

How do you eat a grilled cheese sandwich?

You pick up the sandwich with both hands and bite into it where prefered.

What is a grilled cheese sandwich?

It's a sandwich, that has cheese, and is grilled.

Plural of cheese sandwich?

The plural of cheese sandwich is cheese sandwiches.

What happens in each organ of the digestive system when you eat a cheese sandwich?

umm when we eat cheese sandwich our teeth grinds and saliva make it more stick and slippery which it helps to reach up to stomach and then small intestine

What is healthier chicken sandwich or cheese sandwich?

I would say a cheese sandwich is healthier, but that is just my opinion

Why do sandwiches taste better when pressed?

Like a panini sandwich, when it is pressed the cheese melts and the sandwich is warm. The sandwich is easier to eat because not everything is falling out the side.

How many calories in a cheese and bacon sandwich?

There are about 134 calories in a cheese and bacon sandwich.

How do I eat cheese?

On it's own, in a sandwich, with apple, with pickles -any number of ways.

How do you make a cheese sandwich?

To make a plain cheese sandwich, place slices of cheese between two pieces of bread. You can vary the sandwich by adding condiments and/or spreads.

Which ingredients are crucial in the making of a grilled cheese sandwich?

This is what is needed to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Ingredients needed to make grilled cheese are bread, butter and cheese. Also needed is a frying pan to make a grilled cheese sandwich in.

A cheese sandwich pure substance or mixture?

A cheese sandwich would be a mixture because it is composed of dissimilar substances (bread and cheese).

When you eat a cheese sandwich what part of the sandwich gets absorbed into your tongue?


A sandwich even a kid can make?

A cheese sandwich.

What do German teenagers eat at break?

A sandwich, a slice of pizza, or a bit of fruit/cheese/etc.

What is cheese breville?

I think it's a toasted cheese sandwich - Breville is a brand of toasted sandwich maker

Which state has the famous cheese steak sandwich?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is famous for their Philly cheese steak sandwich.

Is an egg and cheese sandwich kosher?

An egg and cheese sandwich can be kosher if the the egg, cheese and any other ingredients are kosher and it was prepared in a kosher manner.

What is the Calorie amount for a grill cheese sandwich with rye bread and pepper jack cheese?

291 calories are present in a grill cheese sandwich with rye bread and pepper jack cheese.