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How do you eat hamburgers?

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Do they eat hamburgers at Ramadan?

you can eat hamburgers after the sunsets don't know what you mean do they eat hamburgers at Ramadan

Do people eat birds and hamburgers?

Yes, people eat hamburgers and people eat turkeys and chicken.

Do fishers eat birds?

no they eat hamburgers

What do hamburgers eat?


What do amberjacks eat?


What does Cristiano eat?

hamburgers from macdonalds

What do people eat in Florida?


What is the similarities between refugees and migrants?

well migrants eat hamburgers and hamburgers eat refugee so their for i have know i dea what that means

Do Venus Flytraps eat hamburgers?

No they only eat flies!

What does the red collared woodpecker eat?

They eat people and hamburgers.

What do Cinnabar moths eat?

cheesey hamburgers

What does they eat pasta but not hamburgers mean?

That they are Italians.

What do frogs eat with their hamburgers?

french flies

What did Charles Dickens eat?

He ate hamburgers

What do frogs eat with hamburgers?

French Flies!

Can you eat hamburgers with ceramic braces?


What do hamburg people eat and drink?


Do china people eat hamburgers?

Yes they do

How many hamburgers should you eat in a year or charbroiled steaks?

There are no regulations about how many you should eat in a year. Probably the less you eat the better it will be for your health. Personally I eat about 3 or 4 hamburgers a year.

How many hot dog and hamburgers do you need for 35 people?

you will need 70 hot dogs and at least 70 hamburgers, not everyone will eat one of each some may eat 3 hot dogs and no hamburgers ,some may eat 2 hamburgers and no hotdogs, and some may eat just one. It is better to have a little too much than not enough. Have fun!!

Is it ok if chihuahuas eat hamburgers?

Yes, it is ok for a dog to eat hamburger

What are famous foods that people likely eat?

alot of people eat hamburgers!

Do hamburgers eat people?

A hamburger cannot physically eat someone, as it is not alive.

What kind of food does the United States eat?


Does Ellen Page eat hamburgers?

I don't see why not...