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First of all you need to find a support group so you can talk to others like you. If you're unable to do this in person (most people aren't), I'm sure you can find one on MSN or Yahoo support groups.

Secondly, get to your local library and find as much info as you can on the subject -- any self-help book about others in your situation WILL help you! Read as much as you can about others who have been where you are -- people who have recovered after such a bad experience. It will not only give you ideas on how to heal but it will also HELP you to heal.

Lastly, remember that YOU are NOT At Fault. You are not a bad person or stupid because you were maniuplated. You were conned. And believe me, it happens to the best of us.

Good Luck!

Hey i have the same problem, except my uncle gets manipulated by my cousin and im always at fualt my uncle says. my uncle dosent like us on his laptop computer right? so my cousins not allowed on my computer either, to be fair. So my cousin walks over wen im playing a game on hard and im winning, he puts his face in front of me pushes me off the computer and kills my guy, i walk over wen hes playing a game and wav my hands in front of he screen so does my friend and say how do you like it? You don't do you! we keep doing it till h dies ad hs t start all over, hesays im telling my daddy that you were on the PC and he wl believe me over you! I said i dnt care its not true so why don't you jut shut the heck up and sit down huh? he sticks his tongue out at me. my uncle never believes me and my cousins the golden child and he said he would have killed himself a long time ago if he was my father so i wll nevercall him uncle again, hope hes happy.
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Q: How do you emotionally deal with having been manipulated by a pathological liar?
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