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From Haynes Repair Manual for 1997 thru 2000 Chevy Malibu. WARNING DO NOT LET ANTI FREEZE TO COME IN CONTACT WITH YOUR SKIN OR PAINTED SURFACES OF CAR--WASH OFF IMMEDIATELY-ANTIFREEZE IS HIGHLY TOXIC IF INGESTED-DON'T LEAVE PUDDLES OR OPEN CONTAINER THE SWEET SMELL MAY ATTRACT CHILDREN OR PETS-DISPOSE OF IT ACCORDING TO LOCAL LAWS Draining-Pull car over pit or use ramps or jack stands.(note: some ramps which were made for older vehicles that had more ground clearance may scrape or damage the underneath of your car.) apply parking brake and block wheels.WARNING if you have just driven your vehicle wait several hours before starting procedure to let engine cool down. Draining-put a large container under the radiator to catch coolant. The drain plug is located on the lower right side of radiator. If possible attach a 3/8 inch diameter hose to the drain fitting. To open the drain fitting turn counter clockwise(you may need to use pliers to turn it, but be careful fitting is made of a composite plastic). The drain plug is shaped on the order of a wing nut also it will not come off. It just opens enough to get a good flow. After coolant has drained from radiator move your container under the engine block drain plugs,there is one on each side of the block. After plugs are removed you might need to insert a Phillips screwdriver to break thru a rust barrier that has formed. If all you are doing is draining the coolant and not flushing that's it. Be sure to use permatex or some kind of thread compound on your engine block plugs. Shut the radiator drain plug.

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Q: How do you empty the antifreeze in a 1997 Chevy Malibu?
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