How do you end a debate?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Usually, after the speakers on each side have spoken the chairperson asks the leaders of each side to sum up what their team-members have said. Each leader usually ends this part of the debate by saying something like ".... and so, ladies and gentleman, I urge you to (support/oppose) this motion, thank ypu".

When both leaders have summed-up, the chairperson then puts the motion to the meeting in the form of a vote by show of hands... "Would those in favour of the motion raise their right hands.". and then the chairperson takes a quick and rough count. They then ask "Would those against the motion raise their right hands." Again, they take a count and, if possible, declare a winner. If this is not possible, then another show of hands is called for and the chairperson takes an accurate count of each side's support.

The chairperson then declares which team won.

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So when you have finished writing about your topic, what I do is that I read what I wrote and I think of a sentence which would rap the whole thing up. So in your case a short sentence (doesn't have to be a short sentence...) what you think, point of view.... and what you have tried telling them (the message) your whole paragraph has been about.

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Q: How do you end a debate?
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