How do you enlarge your screen viewing on your computer?

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If you are on a Windows computer, simply go to the start menu, click on controls, then go to monitor resolution and click on the resolution you want. This does not work on laptops.
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How do you make your computer screen smaller?

Click the little gear shape and go to zoom. Click it and for bestresults click 125%. If that doesn't work, you might have to putyour two fingers on your computer pad and move them to adjust yourscreen. i think we press the magnifine there a thingy if you see it overthere but i don't like really actu ( Full Answer )

What is the viewing area on a projection screen?

Hi, The viewing area is the white area on a projection screen. So it does not include the black borders that surround this white area. It's called the viewing area because that's the part that will reflect the image from your projector, so the part you are actually looking at. I hope this helps, ( Full Answer )

How do you enlarge NDS emulator screen?

First load the game, and then click on the enlarge button a few times and it should enlarge the screen! or right click on the nds emulator icon, go to property and put run as 64 screen

How do you enlarge words that are small and hard to read on your screen?

Go to your fonts and size it back to a bigger size. click on View then go to Text size and adjust the size to yourliking . ANSWER 3 . if you changed the screen resolution to a higher res than thetext will be smaller and you just need to make the text size larger- right click on the desktop then ( Full Answer )

Your new insignia 19 tv will insert a black square about 5 inches in center of your view screen this is not a computer?

I own the same tv, bought from FutureShop, and after nearly a year of use, I'm getting the same blank black screen in the middle all of a sudden. Selecting "menu" on the remote and scrolling to the "CC" (closed caption) options, I noticed that the "CC" setting was turned on, even though I wasn't get ( Full Answer )

Why has your computer screen turned blue?

I think what happpens is that to much electricity is produced that the computer can't handle it and over powers the surkit and makes the screen blue.

How do magnets affect computer screens?

If you put magnet on a computer screen for too long, it will make that place a little darker. So remember keep magnets away from the monitor! ;)

How do you enlarge pictures saved to to your computer?

ANSWER: All you need to do is open your pictures folder, then if you have "window photo gallery" or "paint" you can edit the picture you wanted to be bigger. It's very simple but be patience if this is your first time to do it...good luck!!

My AOL welcome screen is too small how can I enlarge it?

You have to open up Internet Explorer and select View from the menu bar, then Text size and select Medium (or larger if desired). This will affect AOL's font size including the Welcome Screen. For some reason, every now and then it reverts back to smallest font size.

How do i enlarge lettering on my computer don't have view on toolbar?

There may be ashorter way to do this but one way is; click start, then click control panel, then click display, then click appearence, the change font size to large. If you don't like it go thru the same steps and pick normal font to get back to original,

What does a computer screen do?

A computer monitor is an output device which displays information in pictorialform. A monitor usually comprises the display device, circuitry,casing, and power supply..

How do you take a picture of of your computer screen on your computer?

The easiest way is to press ALT and PRINT SCREEN keys together, this puts the image of your computer screen into buffer, and then open PAINT (start|run|mspaint or start|run|pbrush) and paste this into the application (edit|paste). Edit as you wish and/or just simply save the image to a location of y ( Full Answer )

How do you get AIM on your computer screen when you turn your computer on?

Hi mate, I think if you follow my steps you should be able to solve your problem. Go to the "Start" button. Then click on "Run" Then type in "msconfig" without the speech marks, and press enter. Then select the "Startup" tab. And try to find something that looks related to AIM. It should ( Full Answer )

How do you enlarge font on computer screen?

To enlarge the font on a computer screen, hold down CTRL and pushthe + sign. You could also go to where it says font, and change itfrom 11 to 14 or higher. It depends on what document you are in.

How do you un enlarge your internet screen?

Ctrl - (minus sign) element Font . font-family. font-size. font-style. font-variant. font-weight. letter-spacing. line-height. text-decoration. text-align. text-indent. text-transform. white-space. word-spacing. color. Background . bg-attachment. bg-color. bg-image. bg-p ( Full Answer )

How do I enlarge my screen on my laptop?

ummm... you cannot make your laptop screen physically any bigger, but you can pres ctrl and + to make the font on web pages bigger... ctrl and - makes them smaller.

Your computer screen has turned sideways?

By clicking CTRL+ALT+Left Arrow; the screens turns 90 degrees. By clicking CTRL+ALT+Down Arrow; the screens turns 180 degrees. By clicking CTRL+ALT+Right Arrow; the screens turns 270 degrees. By clicking CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow; the screens turns to the normal screen.

Can a computer virus possibly enlarge your screen?

yes, viruses can do anything to the software of you computer viruses are files that contain code that cab tell your computer to do anything that it's creator programs it to do.

How can you view your laptop screen on your tv?

To view your laptop screen on an HDTV, you need a special cable called a VGA cable and then you have to set your laptop to also show its data through the cable

How do you make a computer screen darker?

It depends on what type of computer you have. You should havesomething like a "Preferences" application though, where you canadjust the lighting and contrast.

How can you enlarge the print of your computer?

If you want to enlarge the print on a PC, right click anywhere on the desktop, click "properties" or "screen resolution" if you see it. If you clicked screen resolution, increase it. If you clicked Properties, click on the "Settings" tab, and increase the resolution, and then press "Ok".

How do you take a screen shot of a computer screen?

Press Print Screen key (Prt Scr) which is located in upper right side of keyboard and screenshot will be stored at clipboard of your computer, then you need to open some program which accepts images: Photoshop, Gimp, Word, Excel and so on and Paste image (screenshot) from the clipboard (usually Edit ( Full Answer )

Why is does a computer have a screen?

A computer has a screen to show the features of the interfacing you are using. It is an essential device for home-computing as without it there would be no way of viewing documents and searches.

Where can you view what you print screen in desktop?

When you press the Print Screen key in Windows, the screen is copied to the clipboard. To view it, you'll need to paste it from the clipboard to a program that can handle photos. People typically use Microsoft Paint (which I recommend) or sometimes even Microsoft Word. Once you pick an application, ( Full Answer )

Why can enlarging a picture on a computer screen lower the quality of the image?

When you enlarge a picture it enlarges the pixels of the picturenot the actual picture. It would be almost impossible to code aprogram that would enlarge the actual picture. Put another way, you are causing less data to fill more space. Thisphenomenon is true even in printing. Take a nice, colorful ( Full Answer )

How do you use computer screen as touch screen?

To use your computer screen as a touch screen, you screen must be touch capable. If your laptop did not come with a touch screen, you will have to buy a new laptop with touch screen capabilities. If your desktop monitor does not have touch-screen capabilites, you must buy a new touch capable mo ( Full Answer )

How do you get a piece of paper on the computer screen and get to type on the computer screen?

The "piece of paper" is what is called 'virtual' it is a representative of a real piece of paper but is actually an image of one. The program that presents you with this virtual paper and allows you to type on it (an print what you have typed as a real bit of paper) is called a "word processing" app ( Full Answer )

Is there risks for enlarging the memory of a computer?

If you are upgrading your hard drive to increase storage capacity, just make sure it hard drive is compatible with your computer and make sure you have a large enough power supply to handle the new hard drive. a 5,400 RPM drive requires less power than a 7,200 RPM or 10,000 RPM drive. Same goes if ( Full Answer )

How do you save images from Google and then enlarge to your computer?

Right click the image you want and select "Save image as..." and you can either open in up on the internet or not save it and just click "Full size image" (if on google images) After all this is done you want to hold "Ctrl" on your keyboard the click "+" without letting go of "Ctrl"

How do you enlarge screen on my laptop?

You cannot enlarge the screen, you can magnify the images on it. You can change the resolution of the screen or magnify items depending on the software you have installed. In addition to changing the resolution and magnifying individual items inside individual programs, there are two other, globa ( Full Answer )

Which button is used to enlarge or minimize the information displayed on the screen?

For increasing font size of text and make everything bigger in theweb browser you can usually use CTRL and the +/- key(hold the CTRLkey as you tap the + or - sign to increase or decrease the size) orif u have a mouse with wheel you can just hold the CTRL key downand increase/decrease with the wheel ( Full Answer )

How do you enlarge your words on your computer screen?

You go to the top right hand corner & click the three bars if you are on Google Chrome. It says "Zoom" & you can zoom in or out to change the size. On Internet explorer, you click the little gear in the top right hand corner & there is another button that says "Zoom". It works the same way with Safa ( Full Answer )

When you view a presentation in what view does the slides fill the screen?

The slides can fill the screen in landscape or portrait format,depending on the camera angle when the pictures were originallytaken. Using software, it is often possible to rotate the format ofthe slide. Usually, when a slide shows a person horizontally, andis then is rotated so the person appears u ( Full Answer )