How do you enter Americas Got Talent?

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Though reality tv show
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Which came first Britain's got talent or Americas Got Talent?

The show was created by Simon Cowell who intended to start with aBritain's got talent show but the show's broadcast was delayed thusAmerica's got talent got broadcasted first. So, in conclusion,America's Got Talent was aired first.

Who's entering Britain's Got Talent?

i am! i am going to street-dance! watch out 4 me im Jenny and im auditioning in London I might be! i might do my Irish dancing if they do i am auditioning in Manchester (im called Amy and im 11) I Am XD My names kelsey and im doing acting. My audition is next Thursday and im realy nervouse. Good Lu ( Full Answer )

Where is Americas Got Talent located?

America's Got Talent is located in a variety of places, such as New York, NY, Houston,TX, Las Vegas, NV, Las Angeles CA go to the new york one

When does 2009 Americas Got Talent start?

America's Got Talent premiers on June 23, 2009 on NBC. America's Got Talent, season 4, ran from June 23, 2009 to September 16, 2009. The winner of the contest was Kevin Skinner from McCracken County, KY, singer of country, pop, and rock music.

Why is Jerry Springer not hosting America got talent?

Jerry Springer announced he was too busy with his own TV show and an upcoming stage performance to act as host for the fourth season of America's Got Talent. Source:

How do you enter NZ got talent?

showcase your talent singing, magician, acrobatics anything that makes you unique to aotearoa New Zealand

When is the next Americas got talent?

wel it wil be on July 16th 2010.hey who ever reads this im David Archuletta manager and he says he is giving auditions to people who wants to be his back up singer singer

Can Canadians audition for Americas Got Talent?

I am not sure, i mean i know they had this acrobatic act before... i saw it on youtube. It claimed they were from Quebec City (Canada) But they were amazing! This lady jumped on a bendie pole sevral times doing flips... its a Russian act- or so the video said. I know it would be wonderful if they le ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Americas got talent now?

if you are auditioning for season 6 you have to go on n then write"when will America's got talent start 2010-2011''..then click on the first then you click on audition n just answer the questions

What are the four left on season 5 to Americas Got Talent?

The show was cut off for everyone so we don't know as of yet... I searched nbc online and nothing released yet..... Major opps on their (NBC's) part....unless they did it on purpose for us to watch next week, but I doubt it....this is sometimes what happens with LIVE TV...They should have planned it ( Full Answer )

Who are the top 16 in Americas got talent?

1. Alice Tan Ridley 2. Antonio Restivo 3. ArcAttack 4. Ascendance 5. Christina and Ali 6. Debra Romer 7. Fighting Gravity 8. Future Funk 9. Haspop 10. Jeremy Vanschoonhoven 11. Michael Grimm 12. Murray 13. Nathaniel Kenyon 14. Prince Poppycock 15. The Studio One Young Bea ( Full Answer )

Can you become famous in Americas Got Talent?

Well It's pretty easy,all you have to do is TRY very very hard and you have to be a member. And If ANYONE says you can't sing AT ALL say....."shut up because I bet you can't sing either." And If I were a judge I would say yes because I would know that you worked your butt off to get on America's Got ( Full Answer )

What is Christina and Ali's story from Americas Got Talent?

They had Cystic Fibrosis, a deadly lung disease which gets worse as you age. Everyone of their siblings had it, and they lost one to CF, and the rest of the four were fighting the disease. They both were told they would never be able to sing by doctors, but still could. They believed that since they ( Full Answer )

What is a perfect song to sing on Americas Got Talent?

Here are some good clean songs that you could song on America's Got Talent. . Secrets by OneRepublic . Stop and Stare by OneRepublic . Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars . Dare You To Move by Switchfoot . Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

What do you have to do to be Americas Got Talent?

well to get in it isn't what your doing well most people think it is all about winning but it isn't its about going out there giving it your best no matter what even if it was things like gymnastics or marcial arts just go out there and have fun that was just a tip by the way and to get in sign up a ( Full Answer )

Who is remaining is Americas Got Talent 2011?

Semi Finals 1 Advanced to Top 10(Aug 24): POPLYFE West Springfield Dance Team Team iLuminate Miami All-Stars Lys Agnès Semi Finals 2 (Aug 31) The Kinetic King Fatally Unique Landon Swank Gymkana Summerwind Skippers Snap Boogie Anna Graceman Steven Retchless Smage Brothers Ridin ( Full Answer )

When you pass america got talent could you be famous?

If you don't even make it to Vegas, there isn't a great chance you'll be notice. If you perform at Vegas, you'll be slightly famous. However, when you get to Semi-finals and the Final 4, you'll be famous; regardless if you win or not.

What does second place win on Americas Got Talent?

Officially, they don't win any cash prices or record deals, but thepublicity from being on the show definitely helps their careers.Many runners up have gone to be very successful, notably SusanBoyle and Adam Lambert.

Where is Americas got talent today?

Americas got Talent is in St.Louis, Mo at the fox theater today (thursday,friday, and Saturday) Good Luck to all :)

How do you sign up for Americas got talent?

Go to the webpage below (under Related Links) and click on "casting" in the 2nd bar. . Attend one of the open auditions. Expect a email or a phone call comfirming it/telling you your audition time

Do you sing a whole song in Americas got talent?

Well, in America's Got Talent if you're have actual talent or extremey bad talent (they may want to keep watching) you will most likely be able to finish your song. However, the judges are allowed to stop you from performing. They have that power. Basically, it depends on how you perform.