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You float on your back

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Can you escape quicksand?

no. only if someone pulls you up.

What are the ratings and certificates for Quicksand No Escape - 1992 TV?

Quicksand No Escape - 1992 TV is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13 Australia:M Iceland:12 UK:PG USA:PG-13

How dangerous is quicksand?

Quicksand is dangerous because you can't escape from it by moving around like crazy. By doing that, you'll sink quicker 'till the point it engulf you alive. The only way to escape is to get a stable vine to pull you out.

What are the release dates for Quicksand No Escape - 1992 TV?

Quicksand No Escape - 1992 TV was released on: USA: 4 March 1992 Japan: 1993 (video premiere) Portugal: January 1993 (video premiere)

How can you escape from quicksand or a tar pit?

Do not struggle. Use slow swimming movements, float on top and roll to solid ground.And never roll over and dont let your face hit the quicksand.

Is quicksand natural or not?

Quicksand is natural.

What is the best way to escape if caugh in quicksand?

Don't struggle and you will float because your body is less dense than quick sand.

Is quicksand real?

Yes!Quicksand is real

Is quicksand solid or liquid?

A quicksand is solid.

How do you spell quicksand?

You have spelled it correctly, quicksand.

How deep is quicksand?

Quicksand is about a few feet deep

Can alligators survive in quicksand?

Yes, alligators can survive in quicksand.

Is there quicksand in a rainforest?

there is probably quicksand in some rain forests

Is dry quicksand dangerous?

Yes, dry quicksand is dangerous.

Can you find quicksand in Canada?

No, i can't find quicksand in canada

Is quicksand plural or singular?

Quicksand is singular. Quicksands is plural.

Why is quicksand dangerous?

Quicksand is dangerous because it can be difficult to get out of. However, unlike in the movies, it is possible to get out of quicksand if you remain calm and use your head.

How many floors are there in Quicksand Cave?

There are 15 floors in the quicksand cave.

Will a camera sink in quicksand?

Anything with weight and mass will sink in quicksand.

Is quicksand one word?

Yes, quicksand is one single word.

What happens when water gets into quicksand?

It makes the quicksand wet and soggy.

Why you drown in quicksand?

The difference between regular sand and quicksand is that quicksand is has worn of the granite rock. The granite rock has moisture which is washed out with the sand. wet, regular sand you can mould. wet quicksand you can get stuck in.

How can quicksand lead people to nowhere?

The area containing the quicksand is of limited depth. It would only lead you to the bottom of the depression containing the quicksand.

Can you get out of quicksand?

yes you can get out of quicksand you just need to act like its water and float to get out

Is quicksand a liquid or a solid?

quicksand is a deep pool of mud which makes it a solid