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How do you evolve a slowpoke into slowbro?

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It must reach level 37.

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What level does slowpoke evolve into slowbro?

Slowpoke will evolve into Slowbro at Level 37.

How do you evolve slowpoke to slowbro?

You can evolve Slowpoke into Slowbro once it reaches Level 37.

How do you evolve slowpoke into a slowbro?

Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro at Level 37.

What level does slowbro evolve in white?

Slowbro does not evolve. Slowbro is already a fully-evolved form. Slowpoke can evolve into two different forms--Slowbro and Slowking. In order for Slowpoke to evolve into Slowking, you have to trade Slowpoke while the Slowpoke is holding the item King's Rock.

HOw to get slowbro?

You have to evolve Slowpoke or obtain Slowbro in a trade. Slowpoke evolves into Slowpoke at Level 37.

How do you evolve slowbro?

Slowbro doesn't evolve. Slowpoke becomes Slowbro at level 37.

How do you evolve a slowbro?

It doesn't evolve, but if you give a King's Rock to a Slowpoke and then trade it will evolve into a Slowking.Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro at level 37. To Recap:Slowpoke ---> Level 37 ----------------------> SlowbroSlowpoke ---> Traded with King's Rock ---> Slowking

What lvl does slowbro evolve at?

Slowbro does not evolve. It evolves from Slowpoke at level 38.

How do you get slowbro in LeafGreen?

Slowpoke will evolve at level 33 to slowbro.

How does slowbro evolve?

he doesn't.slowpoke evolves into slowbro at level 37orslowpoke will evolve into slowking if traded when holding a king's rock

How do you evolve a slowbro in platinum?

You can't evolve slowbro to slowking you have to evolve slowpoke to slowking by trading a slowpoke while its holding a king's rock it will evolve to slowking then take it back to have it.

At what level does slowbro evolve?

Slowbro doesn't evolve. Slowpoke does if you give it a king's rock and trade it.

When does slowpoke evolve into slowbro in HeartGold?

Slowpoke evolves at level 37.

Does slowpoke evolve?

yes, into slowbro and slowking

When does slowpoke evolve into slowbro?

Level 37

Where can you find Slowbro?

You can get a Slowbro by first catching a Slowpoke and then using a Water Stone on it to evolve it to Slowbro.

What level does Slowpoke evolve into a Slowbro?

slopoke evolves at level 37 into slowbro.

What level does slowbro evolve into slowking?

Slowbro doesn't evolve.If you're trying to get a Slowking, trade a slowpoke while it is holding a Kings Rockslowbro doesn't evolve to slowking. You need to get slowpoke and give it the kings rock and then trade it in order for it to evolve.

How To Evolve slowbro?

Slowbro does not evolve, if you wanted a slowking then you need to get a slowpoke and trade it whilst it is holding the king's Rock.

How does slowbro evolve into slowking?

slowbro can not. slowpoke evolves when it holds a kings rock and you trade it.

When does slowbro evolve in SoulSilver?

Slowbro is the last evolution of slowpoke but slowpoke can evolve to slowking by having it hold a king's rock while being traded.first get the kings rock give that to slowbro and then trade him he will evolve and take im back from the person you traded him to------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No that's incorrect. You can't evolve slowbro. You need to get another slowpoke and let it hold a king's rock. Then trade it and it will evolve to slowking.

On Pokemon HeartGold how do you evolve slowbro?

you cant slowpoke evolves into slowbro at level40 you have to trade slowpoke when he has a kings rock i checked the hand book

What level does slowbro evolve in soul silver?

At level 37, slowpoke evolves into slowbro. To get slowking, have slowpoke hold king's rock and trade it.

How do you evolve slowpoke into slowbro?

You will need to train Slowpoke to 37lvl. If you want a slowking trade Slowpoke with a kings rock.

How do you evolve slobro?

You can't evolve Slowbro, once it's a Slowbro it's a Slowbro for good. You can evolve Slowpoke into Slowking by trading it while it's holding a King's Rock.

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