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i do believe that you need to find the electrilizer and trade the electabuzz while holding the electrilizer.

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How do you evolve electrabuzz in Pokemon platinum?

trade it witha friend when its holding an electrizer and then ask friend to trade back

Does electrabuzz evolve?

No Electrabuzz does not evolve because something evolves into him or her.SorryEmail Me If You Think Other Pokemon Evolveemail agameiaincom@hotmail.comEMAIL MENOW!!!!!!!!!

What level does electrabuzz evolve in Pokemon soulsilver?

You have to trade it with an Electrizer on it.

How do you evolve electrabuzz in Pokemon pearl?

You cant evolve eletrabuzz After it evolves from the first stage

Where do you find a electrabuzz?

in Pokemon platinum, you go to the route on the way to sunnyshore city and you go in the eild grass and find an electrabuzz

What is an electrizer in Pokemon black and what can you do with it?

You give it to an electrabuzz and trade it and it will evolve into electivire.

What level does elekid evolve platinum?

Elekid evolves at level 5 in platinum it evolves into Electrabuzz elekid evolves at 30 into electabuzz

Where can you catch electrabuzz in Pokemon platinum?

You can find one in between variety lake front and sun shore city. To make it evolve,let it hold electrizer and then you trade it !

What is a good Pokemon team on Pokemon Platinum?

i think rosealia golduck crobat electrabuzz Rhiperior and beedrull

Pokemon Platinum where is a golbat?

how to evolve golbat in platinum.. how to evolve Scyther in platinum. how to evolve electabuzz in platinum. how to evolve magmar in platinum.

What level does electrabuzz evolve in Pokemon heart gold?

It doesn't evolve by level. You'll need to have it hold a Electirizer and trade it.

How do you evolve an electrabuzz in Pokemon platinum?

You make it hold an Electirizer and trade it and hopefully you get it back. A wild Elekid may hold an Electirizer in battle so if you catch it, it's yours to keep!

Were can you see a electrabuzz in Pokemon platinum?

Go to the patch of grass west (left) of sunnyshore city.

How do you evolve haunter on Pokemon Platinum?

You have to trade the Pokemon to evolve it.

How do you evolve a wild Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum?

you cant evolve a wild Pokemon in Pokemon platinum you either have to catch the wild Pokemon and then evolve him/her or kill the wild Pokemon.

Can sneasel involve in Pokemon FireRed?

snesel can'NT evolve but can evolve in Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum snesel can'NT evolve but can evolve in Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum

How do you get a phione to evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot get Phione to evolve, it cannot evolve into any Pokémon.

How do you evolve certain Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum evolve through a variety of methods. Some evolve by increasing their level, some evolve by being traded, and others evolve by being exposed to certain items.

Can you capture all Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

no but if you evolve Pokemon in platinum or go to marrilands platinum pokedex you can find out how.

How do you evolve magmar in Pokemon Platinum?

To Evolve Magmar on Pokemon platinum you need to give it a magmizer. Then once you give Magmar the magmizer trade it, and it will evolve!

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