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you cant, you can only exchange heart scales to relearn moves or you can exchange 10 shards the same color for a TM

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Q: How do you exchange moves for shards?
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What do shards do in platnium?

There's a move tutor at route 212 and you can exchange your shards for moves

What can you bye with the shards in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot buy but you can teach your pokemon new moves in exchange of shards.

What are shards used for in Pokemon Platinum?

shards can be used to trade with other people. in return, they may teach your Pokemon moves. there are 3 move tutors in Pokemon platinum that will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for shards in a specific color.

Where do you trade in shards for moves in Platinum?

near pastoria

What do shards do on pokemon diamond?

there is a man in the resort area who trades shards for moves you will have to have a pokemon that learns rock climb though. hope this helped

What can you do with blue shards Pokemon black 2?

You can trade them in for moves at a move tutor

What are shards for In Pokemon platinum?

They can be traded for Pokemon to learn certain non-TM moves

What level does NidoKing learn Poison Fang?

It doesnt unless you have a TM or in exchange for coloured shards

What does yellow shard do?

Yellow Shards and the other color shards are used for trading with NPCs for items or moves. For example in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald they are the main source of evolution stones.

What do you do with the color shards in Pokemon platinum?

You can trade them to the move tutors so that your Pokemon can learn different moves.

What does a blue shard do?

You can use 10 blue shards to teach one of your Pokemon certain moves from move tutors.

What do you do with the color shards in Pokemon Diamond?

There is a small house very close to Pastoria City and to it's left. In that house, you can trade the shards (10 for each TM) for weather changing moves. 10 red shards will get you sunny day, 10 blue will get you rain dance, etc.

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