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explain for science and technology

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Q: How do you explain about science and technologies?
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Explain the importance of physics in information technologies which contribute to national development?

explain the importance of physics technologies

How is a Science Technologies major different from a Science major?

Science majors normally focus on a specific science such as biology. Science technologies is a more general major and involves work in many different types of sciences.

How did Russia develop its technologies?

With the progress of science.

Explain the relationship between society and the technologies of using Earth's resources?

the relationship is technologies trikes

How is technology useful in science?

All human activities involve many technologies. Without these technologies we could do nothing useful.. Science is a human activity.

Explain the importance of political science?

explain the importance of pilotical science

What science or technologies did the incas have?

They didn't. Donate to me :D

Explain the nature and scope of political science?

Explain the nature of political science

What is the role of science in the development of technology?

Science discovers and characterizes previously unknown natural phenomena that engineers can then use to create new technologies or improve old technologies.

How do you explain the role of science in production process?

explain the role of science inproduction process

How do you explain why physics is is consedered as the pioneer science?

explain why physics is consedered as pioneer science?

What does technologies refer in computer science?

Computer science is based on the most advanced technologies available today. Computer architecture, computer hardwares and softwares, all are related themselves.

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