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Q: How do you explain the half-time of a radioactive material?
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Can radioactive be recycled?

Yes, there are a number of uses for radioactive material. It depends on the type of radioactive material.

What counts radioactive material?

We often use a Geiger counter to detect and count the decay of radioactive material.

What is necessary for you to be able to explain what happens during radioactive decay?

To fully explain radioactive decay you need quantum mechanics.

What is the name for the emission of rays and particles by a radioactive material?

The name for the emissions of rays and particles by a radioactive material are called radioactive decay. There are many different types of radioactive decay that emit different rays and particles.

If radium and chlorine combine to form radium chloride what is true about the compound?

As radium is radioactive, radium chloride would also be radioactive. Any compounds make with any radioactive material are radioactive, and they cannot be "not" radioactive. Radioactive material doesn't really care if it is "alone" or in compound; it will be radioactive in any case.

What can be naturally radioactive?

The core of the earth is radioactive, as is the sun. Granites, which crystallize from mantle material are commonly slightly radioactive.

What is it called when an unwanted material that contains radioactive atoms is present on another material?

Radioactive Contamination

How old is a fossil that has a radioactive material with a half life of 200 years if there is 25 percent of the original radioactive material left?

400 yrs

Determine the amount of radioactive material in a package of radioactive materials you would look at the?


What does the half life of a radioisotope correspond to?

The length of time required for half of a sample of radioactive material to decay

What happens to radioactive materials if you do not use them?

That depends on the radioactive material. But whether you use it or not, the radioactive material will decay into other elements over the course of time. The time it takes for half of the material to decay into something else is called the "half-life". The more radioactive the substance is, the faster it decays. The half-life of a radioactive element can be measured from fractions of a second to billions of years.

Where is radioactive material?

There is radioactive material in any country that has done nuclear tests. In The United States of America there were many tests. These were mostly in Nevada. If you were to get clearance to go to the test site you would see the craters everywhere.