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you explain love like to people who really love (have a good relationship)some one and want to be with them all the time or just love being around them.

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How would you explain the phrase love of country?

how would you explain the phrase:"love of country"

What is a noun to explain love?

One noun cannot explain love. Whole books have been written trying to explain love. Love means many things to many people. The word love is a noun (love, loves) and a verb (love, loves, loving, loved). Some example sentences for love: Noun: Love is used to explain many things that are not really love. Verb: We love the beach.

Explain the character of Mrs.hereira in love love love alone?


How does dictionara explain love?

Love is unexplainable.

What you say your girlfriend to explain your love?

em i love you??

What does it mean when you ask a guy why do they love you and they respond you cant explain love .that they just love you?

they usually say that because you can't explain love, it just happens

How do you explain Christianity?


When you tell the girl you with i love you and she say explain y u love her what to say on that?

Say, "Why do I have to explain myself? Does there always have to be a concrete reason for love? Can't it be everything about you?"

How does a boy like you or not?

No one can explain love. It can be because they like your looks, your intelligence, your kindness, etc. It doesn't have to be all of these to explain love.

List five sounds you love to hear and explain why you love it?


How to explain love to a woman?

This needs clarification, and I'm curious why it's in the abused children section - is the woman you're trying to explain it to someone who was abused as a child? Were you abused as a child? Is there some abused child somewhere in the mix? And the question itself needs clarification: Are you trying to explain the concept of love to a woman who does not understand the idea? Are you trying to explain to a woman that you love her? Are you trying to explain that you love someone else to a woman who thinks you ought to love her?

How do you explain hobbies?

When you explain your hobby, think about what you love to do for your pleasure or what you feel like doing.

What does it mean when a person says justify your love?

To justify your love means to explain why you love someone. The person asking must misunderstand why you have strong feelings about them and want you to explain why you feel this way.

How do you explain the term file?

explain the term file explain the term file it means the document i think... love monkey :)

What does it mean for someone to be in love with you spiritually?

you cant explain love. you just know it when you have it.

How do you explain to a boy that you like him?

i love u

How much do you love me how can you answer that?

I cannot explain it in words.

Why did snape love lily?

Who can explain love? He didn't have an ulterior motive but she was pretty and talented.

Explain why it is better to be fear than love?

It's not...

What is a love doctor?

This is a great article explain what is love doctor and what is his job .

How can you convinced someone that you truly love her?

be affectionate and tell her she is beautiful. explain why she is beautiful and tell her what you love about her!!!

How do you explain to someone why you love them?

1)Well first be somewhere alone with her. 2) try to act cool and look friendly 3) say stuff you did together.4)try to say "NAME" will be my girlfrendAnswerI think it would be difficult to "explain" to someone why you love them. You can tell someone the things you love about them but I think it would be difficult to explain WHY you love someone.

What does the phrase the measure of love is to love without measure mean?

You do not need objects or words to explain how much you love the you just need to tell them that you love them.

What does it mean when you sign your name with love?

You sign it in love. Not trying to sound smart but that is what it means. Because love is a hard word to explain.

Explain what the conversation is about between romeo and Juliet?

They are immediately in love.