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To (insert new mummy and daddy name)

Congratulations on the birth of your beaultful baby boy/girl, (insert babys name).

May he/she be blessed with a beautful life, and be happy and healthy always.

Enjoy and remember every moment....and well done!

All the best,

Love..(Your name)


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Q: How do you express congratulations for new born baby?
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How do you say congratulations on your new baby?

Dear Brian and Debbie Many congratulations on the new baby. I'm sure all the waiting has been worthwhile. If she is a beautiful as her mother and as clever as her dad then she has a wonderful future ahead of her. I wish mum a quick recovery. I can't wait to get invited round to see her. sincerely Heidi and Jim

How do you say congratulations on your new baby in Tagalog?

The phrase "Congratulations on your new baby" in Tagalog is "Congratulations sa bagong baby mo."

How do you congratulations for new born baby to your boss?

One way to congratulate your boss on the birth of a new baby is to give a card. Inside the card write a personal message offering your congratulations and well wishes for the new baby and the family.

Congratulations on your new baby daughter in Russian?

Congratulations on your beautiful baby daughter!

How do you say congratulations on the new baby in polish?

How do you say congratulations on the new baby in polish?

What is a good way to congratulate your brother for his new born baby?

Say to him: 'Congratulations!!' Done.

Is 8 pounds fat for a new born?

Not at all, 8lbs would be a healthy baby! Congratulations!

How do you write congratulation note to sister for new born baby?

Congratulations on becoming a big Sister!

How do you say congratulations on the new baby in Filipino?

You can say "Congratulations sa bagong sanggol!" in Filipino.

What to say on the birth of a new baby girl?

Congratulations on your arrival of your new baby girl

What to say on baby shower card?

Some ideas:Congratulations on your new baby __!Congratulations on little ___!Babies remind of us of all the joys in life, congratulations!Welcome to the new baby! May her/his life be filled with love and joy.Your new baby is a little of both of you and a whole bunch of love, congratulations!

How do you say good luck with your new baby?