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Congratulations on becoming a big Sister!

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Q: How do you write congratulation note to sister for new born baby?
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What should i say in a congratulation card for my new born baby?

hey glad you were born

How to say congratulation to your new born baby?

Welcome to the New World Baby!Mat God bless you with all his blessings and give you all the strength to fight with all the negativity around you.Stay Healthy and Fit!!

What to say in a congratulation cards for a new born baby?

To the parents you can say something along the lines of, "Congratulations on bringing this new beautiful life into this world!" If it's something for the baby you can say, "Welcome to this world little one!"

Did anything good happen in 2004?

my cute baby sister was born

When was Brittany spears little sister baby born?

June 19, 2008

When has Justin Bieber held a little baby?

prop when his lil sister was born ( jasmyn)

How can i get a child put into care for my due to be born baby's safety?

You can educate your child that he is going to have a baby sister or brother and he has to take care of him and look after him as I am looking after you. You have to give him full freedom to tackle with his baby sister or brother only observing from distance what he is doing. Thus he learns how to handle his baby sister or brother carefully in your guidence.

How do you write a sentence with the word baby?

The new born baby was so precious everyone wanted to hold it.

What to do if your stepchild is jealous of your newborn?

talk to them and say 'why are you so jelouse of your baby sister/brother? then show them as much love as you show the new born. talk to them and say 'why are you so jelouse of your baby sister/brother? then show them as much love as you show the new born.

Will night blindness comes hereditary from fathers sister?

If the father's sister (aunt) was born blind then the baby may have blindness but if blindness was caused later in life e.g getting a cricketball hit in your eye then the baby will not have blindness

What to say in a mail a congratulation for a new born baby?

Thank to AlmightyAllah who blessed you to be a mother the beautiful feeling.Where others can only verbelly express but you really go through it and make the tiny little life to come and see this beautiful world that allah has created .

You want to distribute sweet to your relatives on occasion of your new born baby boy but on sweet box you want to write some good thing pl help you?

Some good things to write on a box of sweets to announce the birth of a child are the baby's name, weight, and date born. A person can also write a short note telling who the baby is named after.