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(x + 5)(x - 3)

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(x-3) (x+5)

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Q: How do you factor the trinomial x squared plus 2x-15 equals 0?
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Is 2 a factor of 30?

yes because 2x15 equals 30

Please factor 6T2-4t-5?

6t^2-4t-5 1x30---29 2x15---13 3x10---7 5x6---1 These four numbers are the only ones that can be in the middle. This trinomial can not be factored over the set of integers. It is prime,

What two numbers multiplied together equals 30?

6x5 2x15 1x30

What times 2 equals 34?


Which shows all the Factor pairs of a composite number?

1x18: 2x8: 3x6:1x20: 2x10:1x19:1x30: 2x15: 5x6:

What equals 20?

There is only one number that equals 20, and that is 20.

How do you use a factor pair?

if you have 54 and you do not understand what the word factor pair means , well the word factor pair is when you try to find something that will multiply to that number for example yo have 30the factor pair would be 1x30, 2x15, 3x10, and 5x4 all of these numbers add up to 30

Is the question is 5 2x15 what is x?

If you mean: 5 = 2x+15 then x = -5

What is 2X15?

30 2 x 15 = 30 30 2 x 15 = 30

Can 2 go into 30?

Yes. 2 can go into 30 15 times. 2x15=30

What two numbers have the factors 2 and 3 and 5?

These are the two numbers that have 2 3 & 5 as their factor. 30 & 60 Factors of 60 1x60 2x30 3x20 5x12 Factors of 30 1x30 2x15 3x10 5x6

What is 2x15 plus 498756-3476x45867312910x2?

well....i used a calculator(i answerred this question cause i was bored)and the answer is:45437077514904200.