How do you fall out of love with someone?

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2016-02-18 07:38:45

You don't. If your really desparate though, try to find things

that you don't like about him. See how he is with your feelings. If

your dating though, please please don't be hard on them. It's a

rough spot to be in

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2007-06-17 02:32:19

You either love someone or you don't. Sometimes to one mate it

doesn't seem to matter how their mate treats them and it can even

be an abusive relationship. A person could be havingan affair witha

married man and generally the man (or woman who is married) can be

self-centered and not care about the affair at all and is leading

the person down the garden path. There are many different

scenarios.This is a twisted sense of love. Love is caring about

each other, honesty, loyalty, communication and the feeling you can

tell each other anything and can beat any problemsin the world if

you're together. If your mate doesn't have these factor then it's

simply not love and you're brainwashing yourself into thinking it


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