How do you fart on purpose?

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Farting, or the expulsion of intestinal gas, first requires gas to be present in the intestines! Gas occurs because of digestion. Even if you drink soda pop beforehand, it does not mean that your intestines will produce enough gas to produce farting even if it causes burping.

Typically, people might expel gas when there is a feeling of pressure in the lower belly (abdomen) or rectum. Most unintentional farting occurs during some body movement (example, leaning forward to get up from a chair, or doing something difficult like lifting a heavy object). Often, these physical movements also involve holding of the breath.

When we expel bowel movements, we might hold our breath, push or bear down, and at the same time, almost completely relax the buttocks. So the same three things should work to produce an intentional expulsion of gas.

However, any bearing down can also push out any stool already in the rectum! Also, because it is intestinal gas, any expulsion of gas will smell. In addition, intentionally expelling gas is considered impolite, uncouth, and disgusting. It is not a good way to make friends or keep friends.

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You push REALLY hard, but be carful not to let poo come out !

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Q: How do you fart on purpose?
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