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Q: How do you feed the monster the living steak in riddle school 5?
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What do you do with the steak on riddle school 5?

what you do is get dirt on the tray and put the steak on the tray

Where do you get the steak in riddle school 5?

there is a secret door in smileys room and that is how you get it

How do you bring the steak back to life in riddle school 5?

10 thous wooz

How do you get the steak in riddle school 5?

go into smileys room and click on the wall on the right. it will say hidden door and you go in it and you will grab the steak!

Is steak nonliving or living?

steak is nonliving

Is Steak a living or nonliving?

steak is nonliving

Is steak a living or nonliving thing?

A steak is non-living. Though it is produced by a once living creature.

Is steak abiotic?

Since steak is no long living, it is abiotic. But it did come from a living animal and that animal was biotic.

Is steak living?

no. because it has no oxygen and no living characteristics.

How do you make a power juice in monster hunter freedom?

you get honey and bitterbug and combine them, then add rare steak

How do you get past the monster in riddle school 5?

Here is a quote from the website linked below. 9) Back into your cell. Go back to the room with the invisibility machine. Now swipe your card in the card key scanner. This will unlock the door and grant you access to your cell. Once inside, put the live steak in front of the ventilation shaft. The scent will be carried around the space ship. Now, hurry outside and click on the invisibility machine. The guard beast will pass by, not seeing you, and will make it's way into your room for the steak. Now swipe the card in your card in the card key scanner again. The monster is locked inside now. Make your way to the place it was guarding.

How do you write steak in french?

Steak in French is still steak. Le steak = the steak un steak = a steak du steak = some steak

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