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Ways to fight boredom:

*talk to your friends

*if they're all gone, talk to your mom

*if she's busy, or you don't have a mom, talk to your pet/imaginary friend

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Why do the boys fight?

Male adolescents often fight out of boredom, jealousy, or peer pressure. The same goes for females.

What are three actions you can take to fight boredom?

1. facebook 2. youtube 3. T.V.

What biritish regiment invented ice hockey?

It was invented in Canada by the troops to fight boredom. I know this.

Why is boredom the answer to everything?

Boredom is not the answer to anything.

How do you use boredom in a sentence?

He was in total boredom. or He suffered from boredom at recess because he had no friends.

What is the definiton of boredom?

Ennui is the definition of boredom.

How do you say 'boredom' in Bulgarian?

BOREDOM['bɔ:dəm]n отегчение, скука, досада

What is a boredom felling?

suicidal feelings are the same as boredom but the difference is in boredom you don't end up dead

What is boredom in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of boredom: pagkabagot

Differentiate Fatigue and Boredom?

Differentiate Fatigue & Boredom?

What part of speech is the word boredom?

Boredom is a noun.

What is a anagram for the word boredom?

The anagram for boredom is bedroom.

Who invented boredom?

God. Read the bible and you will find boredom.

What part of speech is boredom?

Boredom in a noun

What actors and actresses appeared in Boredom - 2012?

The cast of Boredom - 2012 includes: Alan Caruba as Himself (Director, Boredom Institute) Colleen Merrifield as Herself (Boredom Researcher)

How do you spell boredom?

That is the correct spelling of "boredom" (tedium, lack of excitement).

How do you spell boredum?

Boredom is the correct spelling. Sally's boredom was unbearable.

A sentence with boredom?

I read a book on long journeys to avoid boredom

Is the word boredom an abstract noun?

Yes, boredom is an abstract noun.

Is boredom an emotion?

Boredom may be defined as the sheer lack of emotion.

A five letter word for boredom?

ENNUI - which is from French (boredom, weariness or disinterest)

Does boredom effect grades negetivly?

Probably not because boredom does not have anything to do with your grades.

Boredom how to cure it?

Take a shower, play outside and live your life to the fullest Boredom is something that has been viewed as uncureable, It seems that boredom will never have an antidote.

Is boredom an abstract noun?

Yes, the word 'boredom' is an abstract noun; a word for a state of mind.Yes, the noun 'boredom' is an abstract noun, a word for an emotion.

What do you think about boredom. How do you think it has changed this world?

Boredom is usually caused as a result of doing something continuous. Boredom has led to the developments of various machinery.

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