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How do you figure out the area if you know the perimeter?


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You can't. The perimeter doesn't tell the area. There are an infinite number of

shapes with different dimensions and different areas that all have the same


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Perimeter and area are not sufficient to determine the shape of a figure.

the perimeter of a figure is never squared, but the area of a figure is always squared. Hope this helped :)

It's undefined, because we dont know the shape of the figure. If it's a square, the perimeter is 12.. if its a rectangle the perimeter MIGHT be 20... We cant determine if we dont know the figure.

The area of the figure is the amount of space enclosed by its perimeter.

perimeter is the measure around the figure; area is the measure within the figure formula: perimeter: length+length+width+width=perimeter (for square or rectangle) area: length times width= area ( for square or rectangle)

for area you times the two numbers and for perimeter you add the numbers

Area is the number of square unit needed to cover a surface. Perimeter of a figure is the distance around the figure Perimeter is measurements of each sides added.

Neptune is a 3-D figure, it doesn't have a perimeter, it has a surface area.

I can not tell you. It is because i do not know what shape the polygon is. You must tell me that first.

If you are given the width and the perimeter, then figure out what the length is then calculate the area... hope this helps :)

Divide the irregular figure into manageable pieces and work out their individual areas, sum the areas to that of the original figure. Measure the perimeter.

You can't: there are many different shapes with the same area that have different perimeters. For example, if you have an area of 100, the figure could be a 10 by 10 square (with a perimeter of 40), a 20 by 5 rectangle (with a perimeter of 50), or even a circle with a radius of about 5.64, and a perimeter of about 35.44. You might be able to figure out the perimeter if you know something about the shape. If you know it's a square, for example, then the perimiter is 4 times the square root of the area. It's also interesting to note that of all shapes with the same area, the one with the smallest perimeter will be a circle. This is why soap bubbles are round: their contents are fixed, but surface tension makes the bubble "try" to minimize the perimeter.

The perimeter of a field is how far it takes to walk around the edges. The area is how much land it covers. ■

-- The perimeter is the sum of the lengths of the four sides. -- The area is the product of (length of the base) x (height of the figure).

You know because the area is the distance inside a polygon and a perimeter is the distance outside a polygon.

The perimeter is not going to have sq units. If the perimeter of a square is 15 units then the area would be 14.0625units squared.

No, you can not calculate an area if you know just the perimeter. For example, rectangle with sides of 10 and 20 would have a perimeter of 60 and an area of 200, but a square of sides 15 would have a perimeter of 60 and an area of 225. You need to know more details about the shape than just the perimeter.

That depends on the shape of the figure. You can't deduce the perimeter knowing only the area.

The distance around a figure is called a perimeter. The formula to find a perimeter is: width x2 + length x2 = area

It would depend on the figure. Your question is not specific enough.

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