How do you figure out your blood type?


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Determining your blood type, requires your blood to be tested. If you do not know your blood type, request a blood test from your doctor. If you donate blood, the blood bank would also be able to tell you your blood type.

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To figure out the best diet for your blood type, you would have to figure out what letter blood type you have not the negative or positive. To find out which blood type you have, you can go to Walgreens to purchase a blood test.

If you are asking about your blood type, you would have to go to a doctor or get an at home blood test to figure out what blood type you have. If you were asking my blood type, I cannot disclose that information.

A blood type calculator is used too figure out you or your child's blood type. Simply by the father and the mothers blood types and also their rh type.

To determine your blood type you will need to visit a doctor or a professional in the medical field who can conduct laboratory tests to come up with your blood type.

A simple blood test at your doctor's office can determine what your blood type is. It is drawn, sent to a lab to be processed and then it is determined what type blood you have.

Donate blood to your local blood bank to figure out what the heck your blood type is and then go from there. Then see what else you can do for the people that just got hurt.

If you find a local blood bank or blood drive you can have your blood type checked when you donate blood. You can also ask your doctor next time you get a physical to check for you.

If one would like to find their blood type, a blood test can be conducted at a local clinic. It may also be deduced according to the parent's blood type, as it is a genetic trait.

Contact your doctor for more information. Or you can donate blood at your local blood bank organization and they will provide you with a donor card with your blood type information on it.

Blood type can be easily determined by going to any hospital, some local clinic might have the facility too. Also blood donor banks can figure this out for you.

The American Red Cross Association will often mail a card to your home address with your blood type after donating. If you have already donated blood with the American Red Cross, your blood type is stored in their database and can be retrieved by a simple call.

Yes, you can go to Walgreens and purchase a bloody type kit there. You can also go to and purchase a blood type kit for ten dollars. Going to your doctor is also an option.

The baby can be type A, B, or AB. It takes 2 genes to express the blood type. The mother could be BB or BO. If the father's A combines with the mother's O then the baby will be AO which is expressed as A. It may be possible to figure out if the mother is BB or BO by learning the blood types of her parents.

See if you have any records of it from when you were born. Or if you know your parents blood type you can try and figure out yours, but unless they are both O-, you won't be able to get a definitive answer. Other than that the only way is to have a doctor prick your finger. Try donating blood for the Red Cross. They will tell you your blood type and you will help save lives. :)

A person with type A blood can receive a transfusion from a person with type A or type O blood. Type O blood is a universal donor and can give blood to any other blood type. Type A blood is type-specific and can only go to someone with Type A or Type AB blood.

A person with type A blood can donate blood to a person with type A or type AB. A person with type B blood can donate blood to a person with type B or type AB. A person with type AB blood can donate blood to a person with type AB only. A person with type O blood can donate to anyone.A person with type A blood can receive blood from a person with type A or type O. A person with type B blood can receive blood from a person with type B or type O. A person with type AB blood can receive blood from anyone. A person with type O blood can receive blood from a person with type O.

If both parents have type A blood then the baby should have type A blood. or type O blood

if you have blood type "b" you can receive blood type "b"and blood type "O." Blood type b because it is the the same blood type, blood type o because it has no clumping proteins.

The easiest and cheapest way to figure out your blood type accurately would be to donate blood and receive a donor's card. However, pregnant women are ineligible to donate blood. So, discuss with your doctor your options for blood typing if you cannot trust your home kit.

blood type A has type A antigens. blood type B has type B antigens.

Blood type helps tell you what type of blood you can receive when your low on blood.It is determined by the mom and dads blood type if you can have either this blood type or this one. That is it!

Someone with type AB blood can receive either type A blood, type B blood, Type AB blood, and type O blood"O"

It is possible, however it is extremely rare. I'm not sure how 'rare' it is though since there are 3 of us with Blood Type O born to an AB Blood Type mother and an O Blood type father. We are not of European/Asian descent either. From what I've learned, there are different ways this can happen. One is called the Bombay blood type. Chimera blood type is another. In certain Asian groups, some of these folks have a rare version of the ABO blood type gene called cis-AB. People with this gene version have an AB blood type but can easily have an O child. So it is possible. 'How', I'm trying to figure out myself.

No. A motherr with type A blood and a father with type B blood cannot have a child with type O blood. One of the parents must have type O blood.

My elder sister have blood type AB, myself having blood type A and my younger brother having blood type O.

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