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Apparently they merged into People's Security, and then People's Security merged into Monumental Life. So I hope if the policy was still inforce, that Monumental Life below can help you (go to their website).

they merged with another company in 1995:

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how to file a death claim for my wife.

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Q: How do you file a death claim for a Durham Life Policy Contact Info?
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How long after an insured dies can a beneficiary get paid on a life insurance policy?

As long as the policy was in force at the time of the insureds death you can place a claim. Simply contact the agent who will be happy to assist you or contact the claim department directly at the insurance company.

What is early death claim in life insurance?

when a policy holder dies within the two years of policy it is considered as a early death claim

The death penalty does not deter crime and should therefore be abolished in the United States. This is an example of which type of claim?

Policy Claim or Claim of Policy(Apex)

How can you file a death claim on a paid up policy?

Yes do I file a claim on line or how?

What is needed for a life insurance claim?

Copy of the policy, or at least its policy number; and proof of death.

Who contact regarding a Death Benefit?

Every life insurer has seperate death claim cell. In case of death claim, the incharge of the cell has to be contacted for the needful.

What do you need to take over a life insurance policy if owner of the policy is deceased?

If a decedent was the owner of a life insurance policy you may need to probate their estate in order for ownership of the policy to pass to the heirs. You need to contact the insurance company listed on the policy and inquire there about changing the ownership.

How do you claim your father life insurance after his death?

I need to report my father's death and collect on his life insurance policy.

Is it necessary to have a copy of your life insurance policy to make a claim?

It is mandatory to submit the original policy bond along with other claim papers both in death and maturity claims.

Can you still file a claim on insurance policy when the death occurred in 1998?

Sure, if the policy is still in force and a claim was never made on the policy before. It is surprising that no one had filed the claim before. Just because you found an old life insurance policy in a box doesn't mean it wasn't claim previously. The executor of the estate would have had the obligation to search records and files and make claims on any active life insurance policies. Even if they didn't have the policy, they could have signed a proof of lost policy form and filed the claim on the policy after death. It's worth checking with the company for to make sure. If it is still active they will pay interest in addition to the death benefits.

Where do you make a claim on life insurance?

Generally the claim has to be lodged on the branch of the life insurer which issued the policy bond, be it maturity or death claim as the case may be.

How long does policy have to be in effect before claim can be made after a natural causes death?

it depends on the policy - you need to read it and see what it says.

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