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Take the properly executed quit claim deed to the county courthouse. Ask for the deed room. Take the original and a few copies along with the appropriate filing fee to the clerk.


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In order to file a quick claim deed, a person must have a written form that is signed before a notary that outlines the assets and conditions of the deed. A quick claim deed must also have a grantor and a grantee.

A quit claim deed is a very simple form, you can probably get one online or at the courthouse or a title company. Anyone can file the deed, it is just a matter of taking it to the court house and paying the fees.

A quit claim deed must be recorded in the land records office in the jurisdiction where the land is located.

You can transfer your real property to the trustee of a trust using a quitclaim deed.

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North Carolina. The North Carolina colonial charter actually gave the state a claim which extended all the way to the Pacific Ocean. I live in Buncombe County NC, in the western end of the state. At that time Buncombe was the westernmost NC county, and if you wanted to file a deed to land anywhere in what is Tennessee today, you had to file it in the Buncombe County Courthouse, until Tennessee was created in 1796.

The simplest thing to do is file a copy of the marriage certificate with the deed. Or you can do a quit claim deed with the new name.

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Any deed should be recorded in the land records immediately. See related question link.

You could file a quit claim deed. It will not remove your obligations under the mortgage and since the quit claim means they get the same rights you have, it doesn't to any good, except if there is any equity in the property after the sale, they will get it, not you.

Deeds are filed with the Clerk of the Court at the county courthouse

Medicaid will file a lien on the person's home, which is enforceable when the home is sold. They will also file an estate claim.

To remove your name file or have a lawyer file a Quick Claim Deed with your county. This is a standard procedure in divorices or other matters.

Yes, contact an attorney to find out how.

The wife should file a claim against the estate. She has rights in the property, even if her name is not on the deed. In most cases, she will inherit it all.

You can file the petition in North Carolina since that's where you are now a resident. BUT I suggest not bringing up the whole living with someone else thing.

Yes, and the tax rate depends on income.

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You have to file a new deed giving her joint ownership.

One can get a North Carolina auto dealers license by filling out the proper paperwork and submitting it to the local township's main office. They will be able to file it.

Yes, effective October 9, 2014, same-sex married couples can file for divorce in North Carolina.

If you purchased an owner's title insurance policy and now you find the deed that conveyed the property to you was fraudulent you should make a claim against the title insurance AND against the malpractice insurance of the attorney who represented you when you purchased the property. Someone didn't do their job.

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