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The first step to get custody or file for custody is to appoint a good lawyer who is dealing with custody or family related matters for many years. I shall suggest you Siddhartha Shah and Associates as they are the best divorce lawyers in Mumbai. Having an experience of more than 20 years. One can connect to them on 093222 86663 or email on lawyersidd.

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If I have temporary joint custody, can I get sole custody?

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Q: How do you file for sole custody of a child?
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How do you get a 15 year old who Dad has physical custody of but actually resides with Mom and step dad who she says hits her to get to live in your home?

file for sole custody and file for child abuse and you will have possibly sole custody of thew child

How do you file for sole custody of your child in the state of Virginia?

Why would you do that to your child? Try bird nest. see link below

How do you get sole custody if one parent is non active in the child's life?

File a petition to have the current custodial order amended to sole custody or file a new petition for sole custodial rights. Please be advised that judges are very reluctant to grant sole custody except in cases where it has been proven that a parent is neglectful or abusive or the child's welfare is otherwise being jeopardized.

How do you I file for sole custody of your son when you are not married to his father?

Generally, as an unmarried mother you already have sole custody of your child under the law in every state. The father must establish his paternity in court in order to obtain shared custody and visitation rights. Until he does, you have sole legal custody.

Do you have to file for custody of your child in order to get a court document stating you have sole custody?

How much rights does a biological father have if the step father wants to adopt?

How do you file for sole custody of your daughter?

see link

If an unwed mother has sole custody can she still get child support in California?

YES, a woman can file for child support and not address custody in the courts, but a man can not request visitation time without the subject of child support being addressed. All single mother have sole custody by default, in 49 states.

Can your unfit ex-wife get the costudy of your child if you file for sole costudy?

See Link BelowChild Custody- Can Fathers Win

Do I lose custody of my child if I remarry my child's mother after having sole custody?

When married you have equal rights to the child.

Can a mother obtain Legal custody of her child if the father has been deported?

Yes. She should visit the local family court and file a petition for sole legal custody.

If my son's biological father has not seen him talked to him or paid child support in 9 years can I file abandonment get sole custody and have his father's name removed from the Birth Cert?

If no orders are established and you were not married to him, you already have sole custody.

How old does a child have to be before they can ask for sole custody?

Of who?

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