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Depends on the circumstances. If you are a single father, without court orders, the mother still has sole custody and control. If married, you have possession, however if you file for child support, you have a presumption of custody.

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Q: Do you have custody if children live with you?
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How do you get interm custody?

In order to get interim custody, you will need to petition the court. When children live with one parent, and the other has visitation, but there is no order in place, the parent whom the children live with has what is called defacto custody.

How can you lose custody of your children?

how can you lose custody of your children?

If a mother has custody of the children but does not live with them what can a non custodial parent who wants the children do?

The non-custodial parent can go to court and request custody of the children. A judge will decide which parent should be awarded custody of the children. The circumstances under which the children are currently living, combined with the reason(s) they are not living with you will be a big factor in whether or not you get to keep custody of the children.

What do you do if your children want to live with you and there father has been in default of the custody order for years now will you be able to get custody?

see links

If a single mother dies and the father does not have custody who gets the children?

I live in PA and I am the noncustodial parent. My attorney told me that if my ex-husband dies, I would get immediate custody of my children.

What does custody of children mean?

Basically it means getting to be the legal guardian of children. For example, if a couple divorces and the mother is given custody of the children, she then becomes the children's legal guardian and they will usually live with her, often with visits from the father.

Does Garth brooks have custody of his children?

Did garth get custody of his children in his divorce case

Is there a difference between primary physical custody and partial physical custody?

Primary physical custody applies to whomever the children live with the majority of the time. Their "permanent residence". Partial physical custody, usually designates the parent who has the children on holidays, summer vacation from school, etc.

Can you lose custody if you expose your children to another man?

I assume you live in an all woman community?

Can children choose to live with the father if unhappy with their mother's custody?

That depends on custody laws where you live. Providing your country/state of residence would be very helpful, but generally, children cannot decide with whom to live until they reach the legal age of majority wherever they reside.

Can you get custody of your children if they now live with you?

If there was a previous court order giving the other parent custody, but the children are now living with the non-custodial parent, then yes. You should petition the court to change the custody order to reflect the new living arrangements.

Will Britney Spears lose custody of her children?

She already lost custody of the children. Which I'm glad she did.She already lost custody of her children that's sad

Will Joe Jackson live in the same house as Michael Jackson's children?

No he won't. According to Michael's will, he wanted his mother to have custody of his three children.

Can a divorced mother with minor children have her partner live in her house without the consent of the children's father who has joint custody in Illinois?

She does not need father's permission to have someone else live with her, but it opens the door for the ex to go back to court for custody or to reduce child support.

Did Vanna White get custody of her children after her divorce?

yes, Vanna White was awarded custody of both children

How can you get custody of your children if the mother dies?

Can i get custody of two children i have cared for since their mother 1 yr ago children are not related to me

If a mother has full custody of her children does the father have the right to remove his last name from the children?

Do the children have his name on their birth certificate? If so he can do what he wants, but they still have that name. He has to live with it.

Does Angelina Jolie want custody of kids?

She already has custody of her children.

Can you give a sentence with the word custody?

The father was awarded custody of his children.

Can an out of state parent gain custody of children?

Yes, depending on the circumstances. Generally, the parent who has custody must be deemed unfit for the court to remove the children from their custody. You should seek advice from an attorney who specializes in custody issues in the jurisdiction where the children reside.

Who do children live with in joint physical custody?

In this type of situation, the children live with both parents in a shared role but one of those households would have been assigned as the primary residence for the child.

Does Tiger Woods wife live in US?

Tiger Woods is not married. His former wife did live in the US, but they were divorced.They share custody of their two children.

What does joint custody mean in a divorce?

Parents who don't live together have joint custody (also called shared custody) when they share the decision-making responsibilities for, and/or physical control and custody of, their children. Joint custody can exist if the parents are divorced, separated, or no longer cohabiting, or even if they never lived together.

Can a father choose where his kids live with the mother?

In the United States a man does not have that kind of control over the mother of his children. If she has custody then where she lives is her choice.In the United States a man does not have that kind of control over the mother of his children. If she has custody then where she lives is her choice.In the United States a man does not have that kind of control over the mother of his children. If she has custody then where she lives is her choice.In the United States a man does not have that kind of control over the mother of his children. If she has custody then where she lives is her choice.

If parents get imprisoned without arranging custody for their children who gains custody in this case?

It depends on the state, usually the state takes the children into custody, or the closest family relative.