How do you fill in the booklet on moshi monster?

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When your in your house on Moshi Monsters click on View Profile

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2011-12-17 13:52:02
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Q: How do you fill in the booklet on moshi monster?
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How do you adopt a moshi monster?

To adopt a Moshi Monster, go to the Moshi Monsters sign in page and click on the 'Adopt a monster' sign. Then you pick a monster and fill out the forms. You have to have an email address though.

How do you make your moshi monster on Moshi Monsters?

Go to Moshi Monsters and click on 'adopt a monster'. Then fill out the details, get parent permission if you are under the age of 13, and then activate your account!

Which order do the moshi monster cards go in the booklet?

At the back of the binder, you will see a page which lists all the cards. This is also the order.

What to name your moshi monster?

moshi monster monster

How do you wash your moshi monster?

You can not wash your Moshi Monster.

What is moshi moshi in English?

moshi is English it is short for monster so basically moshi monsters is called monster monster

What is a Moshi Monster?

A Moshi Monster is a monster that you play with, feed, and do many activities with on Moshi Monsters, the online game.

What do you call a baby moshi monster?

A baby moshi monster.

How do you hug a moshi monster?

You can not hug a Moshi Monster but you can tickle it!

What is Mr Moshi's Moshi Monster's name?

Mr. Moshi's monster's name is Snowcrash.

How do you speak on Moshi Monsters?

Your Moshi Monster will speak when it wants to, but if you want your Moshi Monster to speak, then you just click on your Moshi Monster and he or she might speak.

How do you punch your monster on Moshi Monsters?

You can not punch your Moshi Monster, but you can feed and tickle your monster.

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