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How do you fill the national dex in Pokemon pearl?

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By viewing all Pokemon in Sinohh at some point.

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Help on the national dex in Pokemon pearl?

Capture all the Pokemon On the National Dex.

Where do you get the national dex on Pokemon pearl?

you have to fill out the pokedex first then talk to prof. Rowan in his lab

How do you get all the Pokemon in pearl and diamond?

If you want to fill your Sinnoh Dex, look on websites. There are lists of where to see every Sinnoh Pokemon. If you want to fill your National Dex, you have to import them from your GBA games.

What is Pokemon 103 in Pokemon Pearl?

pichu in Sinnoh Dex exeggutor in National Dex

Which Pokemon is 114 in Pokemon Pearl?

Regional dex-unown. National dex-tangela.

What is national dex number 124 in Pokemon pearl?

the Pokemon for national dex number 124 is jynx and for sinnoh dex number 124 the Pokemon is azurill.

What is every Pokemon on pearl?

I really don't know but what I do know is that there are... I believe... 493 Pokemon to fill up the National Dex. ~Crazy Banana~

What do you have to do to get to the survival area in Pokemon pearl?

You have to get national dex.

How do you get the national dex in Pokemon pearl?

complete the pokedex then go to professor rowan and he will give you the national dex

How many Pokemon are there in pearl?

489 i think with the national dex 150 for sinnoh dex

What Pokemon is 149 in the pokedex in pearl?

dragonite is in the national dex dialga is in the original dex

How do you get past the battlepark on Pokemon Pearl?

first you need to get the national dex to do this you need to see all Pokemon in sinnoh to compleat the national dex see all Pokemon on the poke dex

What cheat can get me the national dex in Pokemon pearl?

The good news is that you don't have to catch all the Pokemon, but you only have to see all the sinnoh Pokemon to get the national dex:)

How do you get a national dex in Pokemon pearl?

You must complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. (Fill every slot and see every Pokemon in Sinnoh.) Then go to Prof. Rowan and Oak will appear and give you the National Dex. Hope I've helped! .:Funkeheap15>.<:.

How many Pokemon are there in the pearl pokedex?

There are 151 Pokemon until you get the national dex

Can you get more than 150 Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

yes when you get the national dex

What is Pokemon number 78 on Pokemon Pearl?

goldeen (or rapidash on the national dex)

Where do you get the national dex in pearl?

well you need to fill all your sinnoh dex then talk to rowin and this guy (Oak) he will upgrade your dex then you have the national dex.... hope that helps, Tina :D

What happens when you have all the Pokemon in pearl?

nothing, unless it is just the sinnoh dex, then you will get the national dex

How do you get ranpardose in Pokemon Pearl?

Rampardos is a Pokemon special to Pokemon Diamond. The only Fossil you will get before you get the national dex in Pokemon pearl will be sheildon. After you get the National dex you will get Fossils from other games...But still not a cranidos. Hope that helped :3

Where do you get the national dex in Pokemon ruby?

You need you whole pokedex fill and you have to show it to professor birch and you receive the national dex

How many Pokemon can you see in Pokemon pearl with out other games with the national dex?


Can you get a sableye on Pokemon pearl?

national Dex have sapphire in and iron island

Did you must have national dex in the Leaf green to migrate the Pokemon to pearl?

No you do not need the national dex in leafgreen, just in pearl and don't forget the pal park, ciao

How do you fill national dex in Pokemon fire red?

70% of the Pokemon you will have to trade or cheat