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How do you find Cynthia in Pokemon platinum?

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You can battle her as the champion after the Elite Four.

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How do you find Cynthia in Pokemon HeartGold?

Cynthia is not the champion in the johto region in Pokemon heartgold,you can't find her in it, but she is the champion in Pokemon pearl,diamond, and platinum versin and that is the sinnoh region.

How do you get to cynthia in platinum?

Beat the pokemon league Cynthia is the champion

Who is the Pokemon Champion in Platinum?

The Pokemon champion in Pokemon platinum is Cynthia like in Pokemon pearl and dimond

Where do you find hm1 in Pokemon platinum?

Talk to Cynthia in front of Galactic Eterna Building.

What trainer has milotic in platinum?

Cynthia the Pokemon Champion has a Milotic in Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum.

Who is the champion in Pokemon Platinum?

The champion is Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, is Cynthia. She has various Pokemon-types. She is the Sinnoh Champion. Her Pokemon are Spiritomb, Lucario, Togekiss, Milotic, Garchomp and Roserade. In Platinum, Cynthia has a Togekiss. In Diamond and Pearl, she has a Gastrodon.

Who is Cynthia on Pokemon Platinum?

She is the POKEMON CHAMP!She helps you through the story

Pokemon platinum how do you move the phyducks?

Get the SecretPotion from Cynthia

What trainer has togekiss in platinum?

Pokemon champion Cynthia has it

What are the Pokemon the Cynthia has in platinum?

Cynthia has: Spiritomb Lucario Garchomp Togekiss Milotic roserade

Who is the champ in elite 4 you Pokemon Platinum?

The Champion in Pokemon Platinum is Cynthia, the girl who gave you the egg with Togepi in it.

Where can you find a togetic in Pokemon Platinum?

The answer is when you get to Enterna city Cynthia will give you an egg that is a Togepi evolve it and it will turn into a Togetic.

Where do you find a togekiss on Pokemon platinum?

Cynthia will give you a togepi egg and when it hatches you have to level it up that is the only way

Can you catch Togepi on Pokemon platinum?

You can hatch the egg given to you by Cynthia or find them on Route 230 with the Poké Radar.

Who in Pokemon platinum has a happiny.?

Cynthia Has A Happiny Go And Talk To Her?? wrong. Cynthia gives you a happiny egg in pearl and diamond. in platinum, it is togepi

On Pokemon platinum how do you find a girtina?

While playing through the story you will end up in the distortion world with Cynthia. in the distortion world you will have to battle Cyrus after beating him Cynthia will heal your Pokemon. then you will be able to find giritina, in the distortion world.

What Pokemon does Cynthia have in Pokemon Platinum?

Roserade Togekiss Garchomp Spiritomb Milotic Lucario

How do you see Milotic in Pokemon platinum?

Cynthia, the Pokémon Champion has 1.

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