How do you find Darkrai in an event?

To get darkrai, you must use an action replay. with an action replay, there are two ways to get it. 1: go to fullmoon island, then activate the walk through everything code, and go right, walking on water until you get to new moon island. you should see an opening. go in. darkrai should be floating above a puddle.CAUTION!!! darkrai is one heck of a Pokemon, so you should bring a slew of ultra balls. darkrai has neumerous moves to put Pokemon to sleep. once asleep, theay will be damaged by darkrais power, called bad dreams, wich gnaws on the SLEEPING victems hp. so bring full heals and awakenings. by this time, you would probably have used your master ball. but luckly, you can go to code junkies .com for the masterball x 999 code. 2: use the darkrai code from The same website. HAPPY HUNTING!!!