How do you find Mewtwo on Pokemon Conquest?

You can unlock Mewtwo by putting 6 pokemons at every kingdom.

These 6 pokemons must be suitable for that kingdom.

There are all together 17 types of pokemons.

There are 17 kingdoms.

Do you see the secret?

But,be sure-That all the main pokemons,you place at the kingdoms must match the kingdom-Or else,you can't unlock Mewtwo.

And also-All the main pokemons,you place in the kingdom must reach 3rd stage of evolution.

I purposely play like that.

And to my surprise,I link it with Kenshin & I use Kenshin,Quan Yi(Myself) & other 4 warlords to battle the last warlord at the roof of the last kingdom in the main story.

I swear with my fingers cross.