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after you capture palkia fly to snowpoint city and go left tell you get to acuity lakefront go in to where you can see the lake surf on the water and capture it

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Where do you find Uxie Mesprit and Azelf?

you find them in the three lakes in diamond, pearl, and platinum.

How do you find Mespirt Uxie and Azelf?

for pearl catch palkia the main boss to pearl an go to the lakes verity valor acuity

What legedary Pokemon r in Pokemon Pearl?

You can find Palkia, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Giratina, Cresselia, and Regigigas

Where do you find the lengedary Pokemon pearl in pearl version?

okay if you want to get palkia you have to go to mt. coronet after rescuing azelf ,mespirit, and uxie in the galactic hideout.

Pokemon 146 del juego pearl?


Who will trade uxie for gyrados in Pokemon pearl?

a gaywad

Can you get uxie more than once on Pokemon pearl?

You can't capture Uxie more than once on this game, but you can own more than one Uxie if it is traded to you.

If you run from uxie can you still catch it?

Not in Pearl and Diamond. In Platinum you can.

In pokemon pearl how do you catch UXIE?

After you catch/defeat palkia/dialga, uxie will be at lake Acuity, in the cave in the middle of the lake.

How do you get uxie Pokemon Pearl?

get uxie at the cavern in lake Verity after you save him from team galactic .I got him when I had all the other pokemon

How do you get uxie in Pokemon Pearl?

After you release Azelf, Uxie and Mespirit from the Team Galatic HQ, go to Lake Acuity. Surf across to the cave. Talk to Uxie to start the battle.

Does uxie come back when you run away?

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, you only have one chance to capture Uxie. If Uxie faints or if you run away, then you will not get another chance to capture it. The answer is no.

Where do you find uxie?

Uxie is found in a cave at Lake Acuity.

Where to find uxie after you failed to catch?

you can't find Uxie again if you have knocked out Uxie, unless u defeat the elite four again.

What does the painting in Pokemon Pearl mean?

it means mespirit,azeleaf,and uxie are connected to palkia's pearl somehow

Where do you find UXIE when you run from battle?

you cant once you ran you cannot find uxie again

How many times do you see uxie in Pokemon pearl?

Well, first if you set all three of them (Uxie Azelf Mespirit) free from team galacturd, you can find it again back in it's cave at lv. 50 i think..

Where is uxie on Pokemon pearl?

Uxie is in Lake Acuity after you catch Palkia. Go to Lake Verity first, go into Mesprit's cave, and the Professor will talk to you and you will be able to catch Azelf and Uxie. ~Lucario

How can I get uxie from bebe's computer and can I releas a Pokemon if i can please tell i want to get Uxie in Pokemon pearl on Nintendo DS?

u can realese pkmn but if u relese uxie u cant get it back

What cave is Pokemon uxie in?

You find Uxie in the cave in the middle of Lake Acuity.

Where do you find all the legendaries in Pokemon pearl?

Palkia: Spear pillar Mespirit: Lake Verity Azelf: Lake Valor Uxie: Lake Actuity

What is Pokemon 146 in Pokemon Pearl?

memmemem whatever that means,#146 is Uxie

What do you do after you get the seventh badge in pearl?

Check on Uxie on lake Acurity Issac Lim

Where is uxie after she comes back in pearl?

lake acuty cave at lv 50

Where does uxie go after it flees in Pokemon Pearl?

it depennds check all the islands ;)

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