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To find any business in Whitby North Yorkshire simply visit the Whitby Business Directory to search for services by catagory, If you find a useful service you can write a review for that company on the directory. Please visit === ===

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How do you get from York to Whitby?

You can get a bus from York to Whitby, or a train from York to Scarborough and then a bus to Whitby, or a train from York to Middlesborough and then a train to Whitby (the Esk valley line from Castleton to Whitby is very scenic)

What country is whitby located?

There is a Whitby in North Yorkshire in England. There is also a Whitby in Ontario Canada.

What did St. Hilda do?

Hilda of Whitby or Hild of Whitby is a Christian saint and the founding abbess of the monastery at Whitby, which was chosen as the venue for the Synod of Whitby.

What is the plural for the name Whitby?

The plural of the surname would be Whitbys. Where it might not be clear that the name is Whitby, not Whitbys, use "Whitby family" instead.

Why is whitby called whitby?

Whitby was originally called Streanoehealh. It was changed after the Synod of Whitby happened there. After being destroyed and re-founded, it was re-named Whitby after that event, which is Old Norse for "white settlement."

Why did Dracula go to Whitby?

Bran Stoker, who wrote Dracula holidayed in Whitby, and it is thought he drew inspiration from Whitby Abbey and Whitby for his book. In the book Dracula is shipwrecked at Whitby, and enters the town in the form of a dog.

What year did Dracula come to whitby what was the date that Dracula came to whitby whitby?

cos he loved po

What connection does Dracula have to whitby?

Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula, holidayed in Whitby, and it is thought he drew inspiration for his famous book from Whitby Abbey and Whitby. In the book Dracula is shipwrecked at Whitby, and comes shore in the form of a dog.

What is the area code in whitby?

Whitby UK is 01947

Is there a cinema in whitby?

Yes - the Whitby Pavilion Cinema.

Can you find shells in whitby?

Yes I found 87654 when I went. I love that place

Where does Dracula arrive in England?

Whitby, on the coast. Whitby, on the coast.

What country is Whitby in?

Whitby, is found in North Yorkshire, UK.

What is the connection between whitby and Dracula?

Whitby is in the story 'Dracula'

When was Daniel Whitby born?

Daniel Whitby was born in 1638.

When did Daniel Whitby die?

Daniel Whitby died in 1726.

When was Ælfflæd of Whitby born?

Ælfflæd of Whitby was born in 654.

When did Ælfflæd of Whitby die?

Ælfflæd of Whitby died in 713.

How tall is Audrey Whitby?

Audrey Whitby is 5' 5".

What is the ISBN of The Whitby Witches?

The ISBN of The Whitby Witches is 0750005815.

When was Mark Whitby born?

Mark Whitby was born in 1950.

When was Hilda of Whitby born?

Hilda of Whitby was born in 614.

Where can one find a list of cottages in Whitby?

Sykes Holiday Cottages lists cottages in Whitby. The company website is very informative and gives detailed instructions on how to rent the real estate.

What did captain cook have to do with whitby bay?

He lived In Whitby, while he was an apprentice ship builder. Later he sailed from Whitby when he discovered Australia.

Why is captain cook famous in whitby?

Captain Cook lived in Whitby, while he was an apprentice ship builder. He later sailed from Whitby.

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