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How do you find a chemical equation given reactants and products?

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Thee Product Is Always On The Riqhht Andd Thee Reactant Is Always On The Left.

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What are the products in a chemical reaction?

The products describe the things the reactants yield in the given reaction. They are on the right of the equation because they are produced from the reactants on the left.

What is a chemical equation in which both reactant and product have an equal number of atoms of a given element?

A balanced chemical equation has an equal number of atoms of a given element in the reactants and products. This is due to the law of conservation of mass.

What is the name given to new chemicals made in a chemical reaction?

New chemicals produced from reactants are called the products of a chemical reaction (right-hand side of a chemical equation).

What is the balanced equation for hydrogen?

Your question doesn't make any sense. It's impossible to provide a chemical equation when the only information given is either one of the products or reactants. Try again.

How does one determine the mole ratio of given A BALANCED CHEMICAL equation?

In a balanced chemical equation, the coefficients of the reactants and products tells you the number of moles of each, and thus will tell you the mole ratio of any species to any other.

What are the compounds on the left side of a reaction?

By convention the reactants are given on the left side of the equation and the products on the right side of the equation.

What is a balancing equation?

There is not a balancing equation. The act of creating a complete equation for a given chemical reaction is called balancing an equation. When you balance an equation you write out the reactants and products and then add molecules of either reactants, products, or both to make sure the number of molecules of each element going into the reaction is equal to the number coming out. An example is H2+O2--> H2O is an unbalanced equation. To balance it you would put what is called a coeffecient of 2 in front of the hydrogen and the water to make the number of molecules of both elements in the reactants equal to the number of molecules in the product.

In an exothermic reaction the difference between the chemical energy of the reactants and the chemical energy of the products equals?

The amount of heat given off by the reaction

How does a balanced chemical equation show that mass is never lost or gained in a chemical reaction?

Because the Balanced equation can correctly add the reactants and it will equal the sum of the products.If a chemical equation is balanced correctly, there will be the same number of each element on both sides. Since each element has a given and known mass, the total mass on each side of the balanced equation must be equal.

How does mass of reactants compare to the mass of products in a given reaction?

According to Law of conservation of mass, mass of reactants=mass of products......

What information is given in an chemical equation?

The chemical equation is the graphical representation of a chemical reaction.

What is the chemical equation of phosphorus burns in oxygen to form diphosphorus trioxide?

the chemical equation of phosphorus burns in oxygen to form diphosphorus trioxide is given below .4P+5O2 -> 2P2O5P stands for phosporous .10 atoms of Oxygen.on the reactants side.On products side ,4 atoms of phosporous and 10 atoms of oxygen.its balanced .

Is 2NaCl plus BeF2 equals 2NaF plus BeCl2 the right balancing equation?

The equation given is correctly balanced, because it contains the same numbers of each kind of atoms in the reactants as in the products.

What is the chemical equation for phosphoric acid and strontium oxide?

A chemical equation is a written symbolic representation of a chemical reaction. The reactant chemical(s) are given on the left-hand side and the product chemical(s) on the right-hand side. The law of conservation of mass states that no atoms can be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction, so the number of atoms that are present in the reactants has to balance the number of atoms that are present in the products phospheric acid= H3PO4 strontium oxide= SrO

What helps you determine the products in a given chemical equations?

The most basic tool when figuring out a chemical equation is that the number of atoms of every individual element that you start with, must equal your final result; if the reactants contain 10 oxygen atoms, the products will also contain 10 oxygen atoms, and so forth. Beyond that it is good to be familiar with the common radicals and their charges, and to understand that metals tend to combine with nonmetals. The more you know about chemistry in general, the more easily you will be able to determine the products of a given chemical reaction.

What does the principle of conservation of mass mean?

Conservation of mass means that in any given chemical reaction, the sum of products must equal the sum of the reactants. This means that the products of reactions can be easily predicted.

What is the name given to chemicals before they undergo chemical reactions?

They are reactants.

What is the name given to substances initially involved in chemical reactions?


A catalyst can speed up the rate of a given chemical reaction by?

A catalyst can speed up the rate of a given chemical reaction by lowering the activation energy required for the reaction to occur. However, the catalyst does not change the total free energy from reactants to products.

Determine whether a given change is a physical or chemical change?

A chemical change involve the modification of the chemical composition of reactants.

What is the name given to 3 Zn3PO42?

The name of the compound is zinc phosphate. The prefix '3' is irrelevant in this case, and is probably from a chemical equation to denote the stoichiometric ratio of itself and the other reactants/products. The elements present are zinc, phosphorous and oxygen, and the compound is used as an anti-corrosion coating in electroplating.

What is the name given to the type of reaction that allows products to change back into reactants?

a reversible reaction

What is the name given to new chemicals which are made when a reaction occurs?

The are called PRODUCTS.

What is the chemical equation for glucose to produce ethanol?

the chemical equation for glucose to produce ethanol is given below. It is done by The balanced equation for the fermentation of glucose to ethanol is as follows:

Can an equation can be balanced by placing the appropiate number called a subscript in front of the chemical symbols or formulas?

Balancing an equation is simply a matter of ensuring that the number of atoms of each specific element that you start with (reactants) are the same as the number that you wind up with (products) in the new arrangements or compounds that they form. And a subscript is the number written halfway below the line, to show how many atoms are in a given molecule; it does not appear (contrary to your assertion) in front of chemical symbols or formulas.