How do you find a den in WolfQuest?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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there are 3 green dots make your wolf run to one then a notice will pop up and say look at the den when you have a look at the den you decide if you want to buy it (joke)

if you don't like go to another place
To find a den, you have to have a m8. If you have done tht then go into the middle of one of the green spots on the map and there you will find your cave! Accept the 1st cave you come across, they are all the same!

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Q: How do you find a den in WolfQuest?
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How do you make a den on wolfquest?

you can't make/create a den but you can find one! You can find a den in Slouth Creek after you find a mate.

How do you find a den in Sloth Creek in WolfQuest?

you run toward one of green patches in the map. it will then say there is a den nearby. find it and you can make it your den

How do you get a territory in WolfQuest?

you get your territory by having a mate and your supposed to be in the creek place then you find a den and when you find the den all the area surrounding that den will be your territory

Do you have to mark all of your territory to enter your den on WolfQuest?

There is currently no way to enter your den in WolfQuest.

After you get a mate in WolfQuest?

After you get a mate in wolf quest you can find a den and raise pups.

What do you have to do on WolfQuest to have puppies?

find a mate then save and then go to creek level and then find a good den

Is there an underwater den in WolfQuest?


Were is the secret den in wolfquest?

The secret den known as Slough Creek den is between Slough Creek and Bison Peak den in the hills. Regards, Lunaressa WolfQuest

What is the aspen den in WolfQuest?

legends in wolfquest says that the aspen den is the safest den of all and can keep your 4 pups alive even going to the summer den!

What is the second level of wolfquest?

In the second level, you find a den, mark territory, and have pups.

When do you get puppies on WolfQuest?

In episode two, slough creek, after you find a den and mark your territory.

What is the Mission for Episode 2 on WolfQuest?

After you find a mate, you must find a den, mark your territory, and have pups.