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You could look in the yellow pages and call different dentists and tell them what you want and see if they do that.

Most dentists do extractions and dentures. Most will have the dentures made in a lab, but they do all the paper work and put them in for you and adjust them if and when needed.

2015-07-15 19:50:45
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How much do permanent dentures cost?

Dentures will usually run you anywhere from $1500.00 to $2,000.00 in the U.S. The price will increase or decrease depending on the cost of the exam, x-rays, or if you need any extractions. You should call around for prices. You may also want to ask friends or other family members about their dentist.

What do you do if your scared of the dentist?

get dentures

What kind of dentist do you go to if you need dentures?

A regular dentist

Where can I find the cost of dentures?

Each dentist may have different pricing for dentures,you will need to contact your local dentist directly.

Does Ohio Medicaid cover extractions and dentures?

Yes, if you are covered by Medicaid in Ohio you can have your extractions covered. Dentures are covered once every 8 years but are not of the highest quality. You do not get to pick which type of denture you get. But, simply yes, if you have Medicaid these procedures are covered. The dentists that accept Medicaid, especially for adults are very limited though, so you have to call around and then look for reviews on the dentist! Good luck!

My son needs a full set of dentures. He will need extractions as well. He does not have dental Insurance. How much will this cost ?

? I too would like to know the cost of the extractions if you have insurance, or a plan of some dental plan cost for 1 dentist $2400.00 oral surgon about$2000 i know because I have just spent on my dentures It depends on what quality dentures you would like to get him. A full set of not so quality ones can go for $200 and a good quality can be as expensive as $1000

Are there schools for making dentures?

dentist school

Why does Eliezer get called to the dentist?

she needs dentures

where can I get dentures cheaper than what my dentist is offering me? the dentist is always overpriced. but hey that's why they are dentists. for affordable and cheaper dentures than what your dentist is offering you.

Who do i see if i don't have any teeth?

You would see a dentist, possibly one that specializes in dentures. The dentist will decide what the best course of action (i.e. dentures) is for you.

least expensive dentist that can pull teeth and put dentures in on the same day?

least expensive dentist that can pull teeth and put dentures in on the same day

Preparing for Dentures?

If you have been told that you need to have dentures, it can be a scary time. Many people don’t know what to expect when they get dentures put in place. There are some common things that almost everyone will experience as they have their dentures put in. Clear Away Old Broken Teeth The first thing your dentist will need to do is make sure that all of your old and broken teeth are cleared away. The fact that you need dentures implies that you have several teeth that are not effective anymore. Your dentist may schedule one or two appointments to remove the old teeth and make room for the dentures that will replace them. In some cases, you will be able to keep a few of your healthier teeth as anchors for your dentures. Talk to your dentist about which teeth are worth saving and which teeth have to go. Before the Dentures are Permanent Once your mouth has been prepared and all of the broken teeth are gone, you will still need to visit the dentist several times as he prepares your dentures. Your mouth will need to heal from the tooth removal process, so you may spend a week or two without a full set of teeth. Once you have healed, the dentist will make a cast of your gum line so that a set of dentures can be made to fit your gums comfortably. You may be fitted with temporary dentures while you wait for your permanent dentures to be crafted. Healing From the Procedure When the permanent dentures are put in place your gums will be sensitive and sore for a couple of weeks. They have to heal from the trauma of having the dentures put in. There may be some spots that hurt longer than others because they receive more pressure from the dentures. Your dentist will probably suggest that you come in for a few follow up visits during the first couple of weeks that you have the new dentures. There may be some minor adjustments that will increase your comfort level and allow you to begin eating and speaking normally faster.

Words that have dent in them?

accident, dentist, dentures, dental

Did Farrah Fawcett had false dentures or not?

Absolutely not...all natural...I am a dentist, and met her dentist at a convention

How much is it to get permanent dentures?

The cost of dentures will depend on the condition of your mouth as well as the number of missing teeth. A dental bridgewould cost less than a dental implant and prices would vary from dentist to dentist. Be reminded that dental implants are a surgical procedure therefore it may cost up to thousands of dollars.more info:

Can a regular dentist provide partial dentures, or would a dental specialist handle that?

Both are able to provide partial dentures. I would go to who you are most comfortable with be it you dentist or a specialist.

What type of dentist are there?

There are many types of dentists-general dentist that do fillings,extractions,root canals,crowns,bridges,dentures.pedodontist deal with children only.oral surgeon deals with extractions and some implants endodontists specialize in root canals.

where can i find a dentist that will extract all my teeth in one day and fit me for dentures the same day in or around albany, ga.?

It is really not wise to extract all of your teeth in one visit. I really do not know of any dentist who will agree to that. You can not be fitted for dentures until your gums heal after the extraction or they will not fit right. It is a process that takes time. There is an implant you can get for your dentures which will be permanent. That might be a better option so you don't have to keep taking them in and out.

β€œI'm looking for a dentist that takes payments. I need the rest of my teeth pulled and complete dentures.”?

“I'm looking for a dentist that takes payments. I need the rest of my teeth pulled and complete dentures.”

What dentist clinic in Norfolk, Virginia will make dentures that are ready immediately?

Many dental clinics can provide you with temporary denture. Depending on what area you can usually find a good dentist that will make your dentures promptly.

are there any dentist in my area that makes dentures who take medicaid or make dentures at a reasonable price?

Would need to know your area. You can also call 1-800-Dentist and ask for info in your area.

Is it difficult to wear dentures?

VERY DIFFICULT. Well, it might be easy if you're a dentist. If you have difficulty wearing dentures, just ask your dentist. He/She will help you. If they refuse to help you, just ask my mum's sister. She's an expert dentist. Thanks, NERD. Bye.

Can epoxy be used to repair dentures?

Epoxy could be used in an emergency to make a temporary repair to dentures. It is important to get to the dentist as soon as possible and have the dentures properly repaired however.

Where can I purchase dentures online?

Dentures can be purchased in various places online. Some places that sell dentures are and I would definitely recommend getting fitted for dentures by a local dentist, to ensure the dentures fit properly.

How do you find a dentist to make dentures in mid-missouri?

Need to fine dentist near zip code 65582