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How do you find a gas leak?

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That would depend on the type of "Gas" nitrogen? Freon , propane, natural , argon, Oxygen, CO2

2015-07-15 21:35:11
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Your Dodge Intrepid 2001 has a gas leak?

Find the leak, and fix the cause.

What do you do if you smell gas odor but cannot find a gas leak?

if you smell gas but cannot find the leak or source immediately get everyone out the house and go to the neighbors. call the police and then they will handle it from there

Will gas leak inside a Honda civic if there is a gas leak?

yes they did have a gas leak

There is a gas smell coming from your engine what could that be?

Gas leak. Very dangerous situation. Stop driving this car until you find the leak.

How do you find sewer gas leaks in a building?

follow the leak!!!!!!!!!

What causes a 98 accord to smell of gasoline fumes and how can it be fixed?

If you smell gas fumes you have a leak. To fix it you must find the leak. Your nose is your best tool to find the leak. This can be very dangerous so I would find and fix the leak ASAP.

How do you find a gas leak in 1998 concord?

Let your nose be the guide.

Will a portable gas detection system help me find a possible gas leak?

Portable gas detectors can, in fact, detect gas, however they aren't always very effective, and tend to break down. If you think you have a gas leak, call in some experts to help you find the source just to be on the safe side.

Is there such thing as a Natural gas leak detector?

Yes there are several forms of natural gas leak detectors. # natural gas is an oderless gas, but if it is coming from a supplier of nat. gas an oderant is added for safety, it smells like rotten eggs! so you can use your nose. # there are liguid leak detectors that when sprayed on the fittings & pipes that carry the gas will bubble to aid in locating the leak. # there are electronic leak detectors for nat. gas they range in price from $100.00 to $500.00 * you can call a heating & air conditioning contractor that will find the leak for you then repair it as well, if you like you can ask the service tech. to show you the leak using the liquid detector that way you will know there is a leak and not just him making the electronic detector "sing".

Gas smell while driving?

Find the leak, and fix it. theirs no leakge bra.

How do you find a minor gas leak in a 1985 Chevy Caprice Wagon with a minor fuel leak?

Check and tighten all fittings Check fuel lines and tank for signs of leak

Where could gas smell be coming from in my 1993 honda accord?

It is obvious you have a gas leak. Use your nose to locate the general area of the leak. Once you narrow it down then you just have to search and find what is leaking.

How do you know if ihave a gas leak?

Do a tightness test on your gas meter and the presure will drop if you have a leak.

Is a gas leak covered by homeowner's insurance?

No, unless the gas leak caused your house to blow up.

Why am I going through 1-2 gallon of antifreeze a week?

You have a leak. You need to find and repair the leak.You have a leak. You need to find and repair the leak.

Is there a good way for a homeowner to look for a gas leak or do I need a professional for natural gas leak detection?

It is always go for a professional for natural gas leak detection. They have lot of equipments to detect the leak. Homeowners do not attempt to do these things as it might harm them.

Why there is a smell of gas when you start the engine?

You have a fuel leak somewhere. Have a trusted mechanic find it and repair it for you asap!

Is oil leak in jaipur example of gas tragedy?

No the oil leak in Jaipur is not a gas tragedy. No gas got spilled, so it cannot be termed as gas tragedy.

Can you have an electricity leak?

NObecause electricity can not be seen and doesn't fill the air like gas so therefore you cannot have an electricity leak although you can have a gas leak this is where gas leaks out a pipe that should be on your wall

Is there easy do it yourself way to repair split unit ac freon gas pipe leak if leak is hard to find or reach?

Sorry, but nobody can answer that question until you have found the leak and described where it is or maybe posted a pic.

Why does my Kia Leak gas underneath but the mechanic can't find anything wrong?

If it leaks fuel it has a leak. Fuel flows from the fuel tank to the engine through fuel lines. A fuel leak is relatively easy to find. Your nose is your best tool. Find a mechanic who knows what he is doing and he will find the problem. This one obviously is not very good.

How do you find a power steering leak?

look for the leak once you find it you will know were the leak is have a great day =)

Gas odor smell with the heater is turn on?

There must be a gas leak. Contact your gas supplier IMMEDIATELY, if the smell is in a house. If it is in a car, have your mechanic check for a leak.

Why would the inside of your car smell of gas?

if you have a gas leak.

Why does your car smell like gas on the exterior?

You have a gas leak.