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Let your pool sit for a few days without filling it back up with water. Every day the water level will slowly go down. If your leak is in the wall of the pool the water will stop going down, once it has stopped just follow your water level all the way around and you will find your leak.Of course if the whole pool drains empty your leak is in the floor

i thought i had the same problem.but low and behold my filter cap,where you drain the filter was loose and water was slowly seeping out.tightend the cap and problem solved.

Empty pool completely. Flip it upside down on to some lawn chairs or picnic table so there is enough room for you to climb underneath. Take your picnic lunch and inspect the liner for holes. Using this technique, even a pin hole will be visible with the sun shining through. Ensure you have plenty of patching material & patch them immediately as you find them.

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Q: How do you find a hole in your above ground pool liner if it is very small and cannot easily be seen?
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