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You can only get a Turtwig if you picked Turtwig at the start of the game. It doesent matter if it has evolved. But it has to be a girl Turtwig. (Or an evolved form) Then you need to take it to the daycare centre wich is in Soleceon town. Give it to the woman to look after.

Now what you do is find another Pokemon of a different gender and put it in the daycare centre with it. Then walk out of the daycare centre and talk to the old man outside. Talk to him. If he says something like 'your Pokemon prefer to play with other Pokemon rather than each other.' Then you have NO chance in them breeding a Turtwig.

If that doesent work then take out your male Pokemon and replace it with another one. Keep doing this until he says something different. When this happens get on your bike, and keep going up and down the path, including the mudslides. After you do this obout 10 times or so, talk to the man and make shure that you have an extra space in your Pokemon party. If he doesent give you an egg, cycle a little more.

If you follow those orders, you will have a Pokemon egg, keep it in your party because it wont hatch if you put it in your computer.


p.s. Once i breeded a buneary and a luxray, so this will work, they made like 5 eggs in a minuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope that helped

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Where do you find a turtwig in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't find Turtwig on FireRed because he is in a different generation of the game. He is only found in Diamond and Pearl.

Were do you find turtwig in pokemon diamond?

in the bref case at the begging of da game man

Where can you get a turtwig on diamond?

You must choose Turtwig as your starter pokémon in the beginning of the game. Turtwig cannot be caught in the wild and must be traded if you want it later in the game.

Can you catch turtwigs?

Sorry you can only get turtwig as a starter Pokemon in the begining of the game or have someone trade you a turtwig from their Pokemon diamond or pearl game.

How do you get turtwig in Pokemon diamond?

Before you battle the Starly at the start of the game, you can choose whether you pick Turtwig, Piplup or Chimchar from the suitcase. Pick Turtwig and it's yours.

Where do you get a Turtwig?

At the beginning of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, you can choose one of three starter Pokemon. Later in the game, you can breed Turtwig from a Grotle or Torterra. Thirdly, you can get a Turtwig from a trade.

Where to find turtwig in platinum?

Turtwig either has to be picked as a starter or traded from another game.

Where can you catch turtwig in Pokemon diamond?

You have to choose Turtwig as your Starter Pokemon at the very beginning of the game. The only way you can get one otherwise is by trading for it.

Where to catch turtwig on Pokemon diamond?

Turtwig is a starter Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. It is not possible to catch one. The only way to get it is to start the game with one.

Where do you find a torttera in Pokemon Diamond?

you can only get torterra as a starter pokemon..if you have already started you game and you really want one, i suggest that you find a friend who is willing to start a new game for you, then they get turtwig and trade it to you..and then you have to train it..

How do you get turtwig in HeartGold?

Simply trade it from your Pokemon Diamond or Pearl game, or get one from the GTS. ~Lucario

How do you get torterra on your pokedex in Pokemon Diamond?

evolve a turtwig or when someone you know gets the game ask them to choose turtwig as the starting Pokemon and then trade it to you or use an action replay

How do you get a turtwig in the middle of the Pokemon platinum game?

I am sorry to tell you this but you cannot get turtwig mid game. the only way you can get him is to have him as your starter, trade with a friend, or have action replay. Sorry I hope this was useful.

How do you get a grotle in Pokemon diamond?

Pick Turtwig at the beginning of the game and evolve it.Any level over 30

Where can i get a turtwig if i didn't start with it?

You have to trade it from another Pokemon Pearl, Diamond or Platinum game, or use cheats.

How do you get turtwig and chimchar in Pokemon Diamond?

Turtwig and Chimchar are starters in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. You can choose either one of them, or Piplup, when you first start the game, but to get both, you would need to trade with another player or leave them in the daycare with a Ditto.

Where do you get torterror on Pokemon pearl?

You have to get a turtwig in the beginning of the game. You have to get a turtwig in the beginning of the game.

How do you get turtwig in soul silver?

You have to trade him into the game from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. Not found in the wild in Heart Gold or Sould Silver.

How do you get a Turtwig?

At the start of the game pick Turtwig as your starter pokemon.

Where do you get turtwig in Pokemon Diamond?

If your friend or brother or anybody has Pokemon diamond or pearl, give them your chosen starter Pokemon, start a new game, get turtwig and get the original starter Pokemon have 2 pick it when u r choosing your first Pokemon because it is a starter

How do you change the 3 beginning Pokemon in the game Pokemon Diamond?

You can't. either Turtwig, Piplup, or Chimchar. piplup is mine :D

Where can you find grotle in Pokemon pearl?

you cant you have to choose turtwig at the start of the game and evolve it

Where can you find turtwig inpokemon platinum?

You can see a turtwig when you battle the gym leader gardenia. or if u want to get one you choose it when you get attacked by starly at the start of the game.

Where do you get torterra in diamond?

I don't think you can get one unless you have a Turtwig and make it evolve into one. But to have a Turtwig you'll have to pick it from the very start of the game. If you've got really far in the game, don't bother restarting. It's not worth it for one pokemon. Believe me, I payed the price for it.

What was the first Pokemon in siouh?

The first Pokemon in the Sinnoh region game is Turtwig.

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