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Go to Antique Guns at the related link and describe your firearm in as much detail as possible (and in the correct category or a couple of them will give you a hard time). The people there will give you an estimate of the value and help you determine if you really need a professional appraisal, and if so, guide you in the right direction.

There are several specialized auctions houses in the U.K. (and the U.S.) and other general auctioneers like Christie's and Sotheby's who have specialized arms auctions from time to time. They will freely advise you as to what you might expect if you put your item up for sale. Fees can be high, however. You might also try one of the U.K.'s best antiques arms dealers, Peter Finer, who I can wholly recommend as being fair in his dealings. However, he only buys and stocks the finest examples.

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Q: How do you find an antique firearms appraiser?
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How do you find an antique firearms appraiser in Atlanta?

Contact the National Rifle Association, and ask for a referral to a member dealer in that area.

How do you find out how much antique lamp is worth?

You need to call a antique appraiser.

Where can someone have their Faberge Crystal appraised?

Faberge Crystal is an antique and should be appraised by an antique appraiser. One could find an antique appraiser in the local yellow pages to appraise the crystal.

What is musket with jas Golcher philad engraved on the lock mechanism worth?

You will need the services of a professional appraiser familiar with antique firearms.

Where do you find the value and origin of an old sword?

you can get it from an appraiser or at some antique roadshows.

How do you date a 32 American bulldog pistol that does not have a serial number aprox 100 years old?

Take it to a firearms dealer or appraiser. There are also plenty of books on antique firearms at your local library.

How do you find a source for antique firearms?

go to

How do you find the value of a piece of vintage furniture that is not quite an antique but is no longer being manufactured?

Go to an appraiser.

Where can you find want to find value of antique shotgun?

Library, internet, Standard Catalog of Firearms.

How old does a firearm have to be to be considered antique?

on your computer enter: antique firearms listed by ATF (alcohol,taxes,firearms)

How can you I find out what variation my Ethan Allen revolver is?

Perhaps a good place to start would be to find a copy of Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms- you may be able to request a copy through your local library. This is a fairly comprehensive book with good descriptions and illustrations of thousands of antique firearms. You might also check for gun dealers in your area that know antique firearms, or check out a local gun show, where dealers in antique firearms have been neatly gathered in one spot for your convenience.

Where would one find an appraiser for vintage motorcycle helmets?

A great place to find an appraiser for vintage motorcycle helmets is to check with a local antique shop. If they couldn't help you, they might just be able to recommend someone for you.

How do you find information on antique revolvers?

In firearms, antiques are LEGALLY defined as made prior to 1899, OR muzzleloading firearms. Newer than 1899, they are old, but not antiques. My best reference is Flayderman's Guide to Antique Firearms. You may also find a dealer or collector that can share some information with you. Check for gun shows in your area.

How can you dentify what type of antique firearm you have?

Flayderman's guide to antique American firearms

How do you find the age and value of an old tapestry?

To find the age and value of an old tapestry, consult an appraiser. An antique collectible may also be able to help you find this information.

How do you determine the worth of your old musket loader?

To determine the value of antique firearms, including musket loaders, a professional appraiser should be consulted. These professionals take into consideration the relative rarity and condition of the item in question.

What is a Antique Brass Sarna India Genie Lamp Worth?

Your best bet is to find a reputable appraiser for any collectibles you think of value.

What type of antique firearms can be found for sale?

There are some antique firearms dealers found online. They feature antique guns for sale. Some of these firearms include, H. Aston Single-Shot Percussion Pistol, Smith and Wesson, Civil War Savage and Colt Lightning.

Where can you find information about a Stevens 44 shot lever action rifle?

Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms

What are 2 colt 22 civil war revolvers with consecutive numbers worth?

You need the services of a professional firearms appraiser and a civil war appraiser.

How do you determine the condition of an antique firearm?

go to the library and read a book on antique firearms. such book usually tells you how to rate an antique firearm and what to look for...............

What do you call a person who analyzes the value of an antique?

A person who analyzes the value of something is called an appraiser.

Does AZ prosecute for firing antique firearms?

Depends on where you fired, when, at what/who.

How can I find out the value of my antique dining set which is about 120 years old?

Hire an appraiser or have an auction house that deals in those item evaluate it for you. Either will charge you for the service.

Where is the Heritage Antique Firearms Preservation Foundation in Tulsa Oklahoma located?

The address of the Heritage Antique Firearms Preservation Foundation is: 3250 N Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74115-2310