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click on the stuff

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Q: How do you find and turn the wheel on raven secret temple?
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What is the secret code in the temple in poptropica?

Open is the secret code you can find it on google!

Where is the sixth water container located in raven the secret temple?

Did you ever find the 6th container? I have found 3 in the place with symbols on the floor and spikes on the walls and 2 in the place with the moon symbols all over the palace and the wheel thing, which means I am missing one as well. Please could you help me if you know the answer to this? One is hidden in the Temple of the Seventh Moon (the area with the moons in it). When you click the strength wheel and it starts to spin, move really quickly to the left and you'll see it in the window of the house on the left.

Where is the secret room in temple of time to find dark link?

dark link in the temple of time is a cheat, so if you don't know the cheat, you can only fight him in the water temple.

It says robbin and raven everytime they touch he fauls in love?

Yes,Robin is so in love with Raven but he's hiding that from Starfire,I don't know why..but soon or later Robin's secret that he likes Raven will be find out by Cyborg,then he will tell it to BeastBoy and BB to Starfire-she will be so jeaulos...It's all I know..

Where do you get the special ingredient in shark tooth island?

Go on the roof and get the translation key. Go in the temple and use that to go inside. Deep in the temple you should find the secret ingredient. Feed that to the shark.

Where can you find pictures of Raven Symone?

You can find pictures of Raven Symone by browsing the sites listed in the "Related Links" section of this answer.

When does oz find out that raven is gil?

Oz finds out that Raven is Gil in Episode 6

Where can I find Spark Notes for Raven's Gate?

There are no Spark Notes for Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz.

Where do you find a clawshot?

In the Lakebed temple/ water temple.

Where do you find music in mytholygy island?

inApollo's temple

How do you sign up for the Wheel of Fortune secret santa sweepstakes?

The yearly Secret Santa promotion uses the Spin ID that you obtain from the Wheel of Fortune website. There are 3 daily prizes during the sweepstakes period. You can find the spin ID at the other related link below.

Where do you find the hookshot in twilight princess?

You find it in the water temple. Witch is the 3rd temple. but then later you get a second clawshot in the sky temple

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